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The Worst Night Of My Life


For the past week and I half, my college roommate and I have been preparing to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday. It was to take place at the bar that we usually visited, which is located a few blocks down the road from his house. We made special trips to the mall to buy our outfits and accessories. We invited all of our friends to the event as well. And we planned to stay over night so we wouldn't have to drive all the way back to school. We were ready to have a great time. But there was one problem that neither I nor my roommate thought was a big deal--we would be at a bar and drinking underage.

By Friday, the day before the party, I was having second thoughts about our plans for Saturday. My roommate and I were eating lunch, and all of a sudden a wave of uneasiness came over me. I was worried about the weekend, I did not have a good feeling about going to the bar the next day. And this was a place that I went to often, even though I wasn't supposed to, about once a week. I must have looked troubled, she asked me what was wrong, but I told her I was just thinking and that I was fine.

The morning of the party I woke up after having a terrible nightmare. In my dream, my roommate was sitting at my computer desk. She was mad at me for some reason. I asked her what was wrong, I told her I was sorry. But all she said was "You know what Sam, SNIP!" and she turned around and cut off some of my hair with scissors. I was feeling stunned and hurt. I was also embarrassed to be seen with my hair like that. I began screaming at her. Suddenly, our friends appear in the room out of no where, and I continued to scream at my roommate. "I'm done with you Lauren, I'm done with you!" I continued to say. Then I woke up. I felt horrible the rest of the day.

I was relieved to find out it was all just a dream. That day, on our way back from the mall, I told her my dream. She laughed, thinking I was being silly for having such a crazy dream. I also told her that I had a feeling something bad was going to happen. "Like what?" she asked. I said I was afraid we would be caught without an ID. She said

"Nooo, you're worrying way to much about this. We're going to have fun tonight. Once we're there you'll feel better". I said she was probably right and never brought up the subject again.

We got to the bar around 7:00, before there was a bouncer at the door. All of her boyfriend's close friends and family were there, there was even an ice luge there with his name on it, plus a free keg. My roommate didn't drink as much as I did because she had to drive her boyfriend and me back to his house. But she did have a few drinks. I had had many, everyone was buying me shots left and right. All I remember was hearing "Last call, drink 'em up!" I don't remember leaving. But instead of driving us home, my roommate drove us to her boyfriend's friend's house, which was also down the road. I was in such a poor state, that they had to take me home. Suddenly a police officer, attracted by the noise and the scene we were making, stops my roommate after we had just gotten in the car. She told the officer everything: Where we had been, what we where doing. I was in hysterics at that point, bawling my eyes out in the front seat. I left messages on our friends' answering machines in a panic, saying that I didn't know where I was, I'm scarred, you have to come and get me. But no one came of course, and my roommate was upset that I had told our friends. The officer saw we were both underage through our licenses, which I couldn't even get out of my wallet because I was too drunk. My roommate had to do it for me.

By the grace of God we weren't charged. The officer let us go with a warning because we told her we were out celebrating her boyfriend's birthday. But my roommate could have gotten a DUI, just for sitting behind the wheel. I could have been charged with underage drinking, drunk in public, and disorderly conduct. After the officer left, her boyfriend's cousin, who was also at the house, gave us a ride home. Currently, my roommate is refusing to speak to me because I almost got her in a lot of trouble. My dream had essentially come true, we are in a huge fight right now. And my feelings about the night had also been made true. Next time I have an uneasy feeling, I'm going to follow through with my intuitions. The happenings of that night have changed my life. I'll be making wiser decisions in the future.

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alloftheabove (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-09)
Always good to go with your gut instinct isn't it? No matter how irrational it may seem, there's always that sixth sense telling you. Whether you listen to it or not is another matter all together. From experience, I can tell you that if you do not follow through on your warnings that are given, there are consequences. Next time you probably won't be so lucky as this. Good luck, be careful, and don't be afraid or ashamed to listen to it.

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