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First Visions, Now Hearing?


Not too long before typing this, I had one of my spontaneous episodes with Charlie. But, this one was different. I spoke to him telepathically. I know, I sound like I should be in the Happy Hotel, but I'm being serious. I have an MSN conversation that helps explain it, but I've decided to be courteous and change "Charlie's" name on the conversation.

I was finishing up some vocabulary words while talking to Charlie. Then, I got a picture of him placing his hand in front of his face, and then scratching his forehead.

Here is part of the chat, or in other words, "proof."

Niki says: (2:09:18 PM)

I think I got another.

Niki says: (2:09:27 PM)

Did you like... Lift your hand maybe?

Niki says: (2:09:53 PM)

Or scratch your forehead. <.<

Charlie says: (2:10:56 PM)

I did lift my finger in front of my face.: o

Charlie says: (2:11:01 PM)

I mean, my hand*

Charlie says: (2:11:06 PM)

Then leaned on it.

Charlie says: (2:11:24 PM)

And...o_o yeah I just scratched my forehead.

Charlie says: (2:11:46 PM)

Do you know how many times I scratched?

Niki says: (2:13:22 PM)


Charlie says: (2:13:30 PM)


Niki says: (2:13:35 PM)

Or does it matter if it your fingers went back and forth?

Charlie says: (2:14:17 PM)

No, I went over my forehead three times just a minute before.

Charlie says: (2:14:32 PM)

: o

Charlie says: (2:14:50 PM)

I am not kidding Niki.

Charlie says: (2:17:38 PM)

...I am feeling something from you.

Charlie says: (2:17:40 PM)


Niki says: (2:17:56 PM)

Feeling something from me? What do you mean?

Charlie says: (2:18:01 PM)

...I don't know.

Niki says: (2:18:09 PM)

What do you feel?

Charlie says: (2:19:44 PM)

I felt if you...well, you were seeing if I can hear you or something. It felt like I heard your voice, but it was kind of hard to understand. Although I knew it was you.

Charlie says: (2:20:20 PM)

...sorry, I just... Really felt that for some reason.

Charlie says: (2:21:08 PM) could just be my self conscious.

Niki says: (2:21:20 PM)

What did I say?

Niki says: (2:21:36 PM)

And don't apologize, lol.

Niki says: (2:21:57 PM)

Maybe I... Maybe I can do that.

Niki says: (2:22:22 PM)

Type if you can hear me... Somehow.

Charlie says: (2:23:39 PM)

...I hear you... Are you asking me if I can hear you? <-- When I read this, I flipped out. A few s bombs were dropped.

Charlie says: (2:24:00 PM)

Its really foggy to know...

Niki says: (2:24:06 PM)

Oh my gosh.

Niki says: (2:24:16 PM)

Did you get everything I said?

Charlie says: (2:24:36 PM)

O_o like repeatly asking for my name if I can hear you.

Charlie says: (2:24:52 PM)

Is that true too?

Niki says: (2:25:02 PM)


Charlie says: (2:25:25 PM)


Charlie says: (2:25:31 PM)

Holy smokes.

Niki says: (2:25:40 PM)

I'm flipping out in real life LOL.

Charlie says: (2:25:44 PM)


Charlie says: (2:25:52 PM)

I know. Me too.

Niki says: (2:25:58 PM)

Let's try it again.

Charlie says: (2:26:20 PM)

Okay, think of color.

Charlie says: (2:26:32 PM)

Just see if I can hear you clearer.

Charlie says: (2:27:06 PM)

Is it purple?

Niki says: (2:27:35 PM)

I was trying to see if I could tell you to type- Well, apples kind of sounds like purple.

Charlie says: (2:27:54 PM)

Lol it does.

Niki says: (2:27:59 PM)

Did you hear what I said though?

Charlie says: (2:28:18 PM)

I felt that you disagree what I said.

Charlie says: (2:28:42 PM)

Like, wanting me to do something else.

Charlie says: (2:29:01 PM)

But...lets see what you can say to me.

Niki says: (2:29:10 PM)

That's what I was trying to do...

Niki says: (2:29:16 PM)

Okay, I'm going to concentrate now.

Charlie says: (2:31:08 PM)

I can't hear you...

Charlie says: (2:31:52 PM)

...are you still asking me to say apples?

Niki says: (2:32:33 PM)

No, I was asking if you could hear me, and to type what I was saying to you, which was asking if you could hear me, and to type exactly what I was saying.

Charlie says: (2:32:42 PM)


Charlie says: (2:32:50 PM)


Charlie says: (2:33:08 PM)

Well, I felt just instanteous connection with you while ago...

Charlie says: (2:33:16 PM)

I don't know what happened...

Charlie says: (2:33:38 PM)

If I just got too...tensed?

Niki says: (2:35:05 PM)

I felt like I was tensing my hands, so maybe that was it. What were you doing before what we communicated.

Charlie says: (2:37:04 PM)

I was closing my eyes so I concentrate, then I was tensing my back some reason, feeling the tension.

Charlie says: (2:38:55 PM)

It wasn't intense though, It was light, -are you asking me to write that I heard you?

Charlie says: (2:39:19 PM)

...ah, did you sigh?

Niki says: (2:39:55 PM)

Yes, I was. And I was asking you to type something specific.

Charlie says: (2:40:11 PM)


Niki says: (2:40:24 PM)

I'm asking you again.

Charlie says: (2:41:44 PM)

You are whispering, I can't...hear.

Charlie says: (2:41:56 PM)

Seriously I hear whispering.

Charlie says: (2:44:05 PM)

...I think I lost connection

Niki says: (2:44:16 PM)

Darn it.

Charlie says: (2:44:22 PM)


Charlie says: (2:44:26 PM)

What were you thinking?

Niki says: (2:44:35 PM)

I was trying to speak louder in my head, but... This was the first time I'm doing this.

Charlie says: (2:44:53 PM)

Oh okay

Niki says: (2:45:11 PM)

I was asking you if you could hear me, type into the chat box the following three words "The color blue"

Charlie says: (2:45:56 PM)

Hm... -_o; I wasn't able to receive those words.

Charlie says: (2:46:27 PM)

Lol, I am little disappointed.: l

Niki says: (2:46:43 PM)

You're not wearing a hood.

Niki says: (2:46:54 PM)

And the lights are off in the room.

Niki says: (2:47:01 PM)


Charlie says: (2:47:05 PM)


Charlie says: (2:47:07 PM)


Niki says: (2:47:08 PM)

Lol I'm probably all off now right?

Niki says: (2:47:13 PM)


Charlie says: (2:47:19 PM)


Charlie says: (2:47:39 PM)

Do you mean if I don't have a hoodie on, or no hood on my head?

Charlie says: (2:49:59 PM)

The color blue?

Niki says: (2:50:29 PM)

No, I see your hair, that's what I mean. You don't have the hood over your head.

Charlie says: (2:50:53 PM)

That is right, then.: o

I hope pasting the conversation on here helps explain a little better. I tend to not be able to explain things well. Or, I always feel like I have to be precise. Sorry.

Now that I recall, I might have done something similar to the "hearing", but it was all spontaneous, I didn't try to hear my friend speaking. (This is a different person) He thought that I was able to hear him with his computer microphone or something, and I heard him say "Testing, 1 2 3, testing." Or something like that. So, I asked if what I heard him say in my head was correct, and I was.

Now, my question is, if I am psychic, what am I specifically?

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