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I'm not sure how I got to this site but I'll try make it as short as possible, I'm not sure whether what I'm experiencing matches the criteria of this site...

I feel my dreams mean something and sometimes they do come true, sometimes they are pointless dreams that don't make sense. But recently when me and my girlfriend split up, few weeks later I dreamt I had a good glance at her sleeping as if I was there standing it was definitely her (even though the image was very bad) and I think she woke up or was just moving around while she was asleep but I can't remember too much and I know this is creepy stuff but I didn't mean to dream about this even though when you go to sleep you do think about the stuff that's on your mind... Another occasions when I was sleeping, I felt my hand touching hers like I could feel her thumb but that was it just the feeling this could all be just the brain and even before this all I dreamt I was looking for her like as if she was lost and no were to be seen.

I could see myself looking in between people but this was while we were great together, and then weeks later she left and called it off. But I also experienced a dream involving the earthquake that happened recently, I dreamt I saw a guy in the water seeming like he's trying to survive, I was immune to the water but I could see the guy being dragged along with the water and bang it's on the news in the morning! I have always felt to myself as if there's something I can see or feel that is beyond me. But who knows.

I'm sorry for the wording of this story, I'm sure you can still understand it. Please give me your review or opinion, greatly appreciated.

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totti99 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-26)
Thanks guys for your comments I appreciate them! But can anyone explain the experience I had watching my ex sleeping at her house, not that I have been there, what is this exactly? Thanks.
spazchicken (1 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-26)
Really start creating a dream journal and get a dream dictionary (I use to make sense of the dreams that don't make sense. I've been having dreams since I was 13 that have come true. Some are literal (but not that often for me anyways), most are symbolic messages from your intuition that help you to understand why you feel the way you do about something you don't take notice and help you towards a happier life. When I have a dream that will come true, I have this feeling (gut/butterflies) like I need to tell the world that this is a special dream. Dreams are not just random, meaningless things that many people think.
katijo (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-26)
I honestly feel that God allows us to see what we are open to, when we and HE are ready to accept what it is that needs to be seen.

Sometimes there is nothing for us to do but pray for thos who survived such a terrible tragedy... We have a gift for a reason, be it letting some one know in advance of something that is to come, or praying in the after math. Just be confident in who you are and God's reasoning, for he is PERFECT! If you were to do something about this, it would have come much in advance with "good" instruction.

Just be thankful for the gift that you have, fore it brings you so very much closer to God than most could imagine. Use it for the most good. Listen to your Lord and Savior who blesses us with these powers and know that he is in control.
Dinaer (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-26)
It seems to me you're saying you dream things that are happening at that time, like you saw the man in the water, and the next day you see news of the earthquake.
This would mean that you do not have any precognitive dreams; what you see is present.

All in all, I would conclude this story could (possibly) be classified in the Astral Projection category. (if you don't know what astral projection is, go to, it's one of the moderators's site concerning just that. Educate yourself;))

Now, totti99, people astrally project regularly while sleeping. Usually they only know they have been doing so when having what seems like a lucid dream, or having the sensation of falling down onto their bed when they wake up. If they realize at all.
It seems to me you astrally project, with the main difference that you remember where you've been.

I suggest you learn about this gift of yours, and practice it. Since you can already project and remember, all you need to really learn is to project at will.
Again, go to that site mentioned above. It has everything you need.

Good luck.

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