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Hello, my sister passed away in January 2010. Since then I have experienced an extremely strong smell of fish in my bedroom. It happens around 8PM onwards. Doesn't last long. My husband, son and my other sister have smelled this. Three times on this occasion so far, I have experienced the same smell 20 years ago when my father died and last year when my neighbor died. She or any of them had nothing to do with fish. Could this be the people I knew and loved.

My hair is moving when I'm in bed and my husband watches it, now my younger sister has had the same smell in her house. Each night things happen. I am frightened as I'm still devastated. She was was right arm and I was her left, we were closer than anyone. I am also interested to find the truth.

I have had a lot of experiences over the years, being touched hearing things and cold spots, seeing things but the smell is only around when a death happens. Do you know what it could be? It is only around one spot of the room, but different parts of the room on different days and if you move out the spot you can't smell it at all but its like standing in a fish market the smell is horrendous. Please some advice would help. I'm a believer but also a skeptic and more a skeptic now, many thanks"

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-26)
masterdon for myself if death is approaching I have always smelled a burning smell and sure enough people I knew or family would pass over.

I would lean toward what Edmund said because it makes sense.
But as of late I have noticed a smell of an animal skin crop up at night in our home around 8pm. At the British museum we walked through the America's. I noticed the same smell this occurred on two different occasions it would come and go. I followed my nose scent the 2nd time. My husband was aware of this also. At the display was information that I had been looking for. So my take on this is we must test to see if it is death or a sign to get our attention.

Now when I smell the burning (for pending death) I ask and get quiet to still my mind and allow thoughts of whom this is concerning. I can connect to patients where I work and know they will pass. It can be a blessing so we can prepare people before they go over.

I am aware that negativity can be connected to an explanation as Edmunds.
There are not hard fast rules, we all flow differently. But can find comfort that we are not alone.

angelsent (1 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-26)
i don't know if what happened to me is real. Last nov 24 2009 I was fully awaked alone in the bedroom I felt a very sensual feeling as if someone is licking me fr, my private sensitive part. I was so scared but the sensual erotic feeling are so intense, I felt a cold feeling licking me down at first I said no but my body couldn't resist it. I know he is a man cause can feel him doin it. My sensitive small part was really moving as if it is being sucked up. So I told him to stop. Everytime I shaved off my hair I can feel it gets so oozing wet. But I had a full encounter one night it lasted for 3 hours, I feel him doin oral cl. Sex for me. I had several orgasm and as he was doin it to me I felt so intense happy. But now he does did it to me until now. Iam wondering if it is real or is anyone encountered this experinced like mine please help me. You can email me at uandmeagainstallodds [at] I need help. Thank u
Edmund (578 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-25)
masterdon... I'm sorry for your loss... Well... That is different any unpleasant smell is usually associated with some form of evil. It is possible that some form of spirit could be using your grief as a mechanism to do you some harm and it really does not have anything to do with your sister... Some spirits... Mostly bad just see it as a opportunity to take advantage of you for whatever twisted purpose they have in mind. Or it could be some type of message that your sister is trying to send... Since the smells and touching are not pleasant it would be something that she experienced that was unpleasant to her before she died something that was significant to her passing. To be on the safe side I would along with your other sister say some prayers for her... Light a candle something spiritual but together... That's important.
red414 (guest)
12 years ago (2010-01-25)
I haven't heard to many cases invovling smell but the odd case there is I would check the floor for mould or any rott so that way you can rule out any probable causes as from a paranormal point of view I would say it is probably just some one on the other side trying to communicate with you and considering the resent death its probably your sister but to be safe before you try communication with the entity I would suggest a medium or somebody with some experience just to make sure you DONT want to commincate with the wrong entity after your sure its your sister then try and communicate to see what's preventing her from moving on

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