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Am I Astral Dreaming?


So for the past few months, I've been obsessed with the idea of Astral Travel. I've tried to get myself into the trance but only end up falling asleep. I've never consciously traveled but I have had dreams where I'm flying and traveling to many places and meeting people I don't know.

I once had this dream that I was in a building sitting and talking to a group of people I didn't know... I suddenly thought "I am not in my body" and got up and went to the window and flew out. I was in a beautiful red brick city with lots of people. I flew to the top floor of a certain building and went into one of the windows. I thought "I live here" and searched for something but couldn't find it. I then left and flew around some more and explored the city.

I had a dream last night that I was flying around at night and going to many different places and once again, meeting people. I met my friend randomly in my dream and said to her "Chelsea, I'm astral traveling right now. Are you?" I don't remember her reply. I think I returned to my body sometime around sunrise because I remember the most glorious reds and pinks and golds reflecting on the clouds. Then I had some really random crazy dreams about roller coasters and people falling out of them.

One more "dream" I had happened a year or two ago. I dreamt I was flying up into the sky. I flew past the clouds and towards the atmosphere and stars. I was filled with a great, unspeakable joy and I remember thinking "I'm going to meet my maker" but then my body suddenly jerked in fear and revulsion and I woke up sweating.

I've had countless other dreams like this. One common theme among them is water;ie large bodies of water or rivers. Another is meeting and interacting with people I do not know. Sometimes I fly and there are lots of power cords above me and I have a hard time flying above them.

Do these dreams sound like accidental astral travel or just simple lucid dreaming? I make conscious choices in them and they usually differ greatly from my "normal" dreams. Or is this just wishful thinking on my part, with my subconscious playing a huge role? I went to bed last night thinking "I'm going to astral travel tonight" and I had that "dream".

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MysticalDreams87 (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2010-02-01)
Wow! Thanks for the enlightening information! I looked up the article about magnetism and parts of what you've described in the article are nearly identical to what I've experienced.
I've actually been having dreams about "flying" for years but I've never really looked into them before now because they've always been just as vivid as my normal dreams. I suppose I should keep a dream journal from now on to record my experiences, though I usually remember at least some vivid aspect of the dream.
Most of what I've experienced is "indescribably beautiful;" a citadel in the clouds that closely resembled the Citadel of Cairo. In the surrounding vicinity of clouds were other golden domes with arched open doorways and golden stairs attached to the exterior, and spiraling down the sides.
Just before this experience, I was on a mountain on the other side of a great valley that looked down onto another dimension of Earth through whispy clouds. My companions and I flew to the other side where we found the citadel. It was very crowded but I don't feel like it was what most would think of as "Heaven." It certainly felt like a higher dimension, but to the native people it was ordinary and certainly not the soul's final destination.
Any thoughts on that? I'm really enjoying reading what others have to say on this topic!
Thank you both so much!
mysticn (27 posts)
11 years ago (2010-01-27)
sounds like astral traveling to me. You may be traveling to the past or future events or to another plane.

I have often gone to the Akashic Records, as well as traveling astrally to family and friends homes that live far away from me.

The first time I did this purposely, (after I realized these were not dreams, but actually astral traveling), I 'visited' a woman I knew only over the internet, who lived in a different country. I only knew her from a website we both belonged to.

Anyway, after achieving what I thought was a successful astral travel to her home, I immediately wrote down all I witnessed and experienced during this time. The next day, I sent her an email, explaining all I had done, and witnessed, and she was amazed.

I knew she was in bed, and her children too, but the hubby had gotten up and opened a beer and poured it into a heavy glass. He didn't use a coaster, but put this glass on a table. I tried to talk to her, but she was too sleepy, so left her room and walked around. I could tell her all sorts of things.

When I shared my travel notes with her, she confirmed all that (hubby left a ring on the table!) and she said she 'felt' someone was in her room, but she was too tired to get up and had figured it was either the dog or her hubby checking in on her. 😆

Now, we try this with each other off and on.

When you do feel yourself getting into a dangerous situation, you will be immediately pulled back into your body. I've since noticed that sometimes getting back into my body is a rather clumsy attempt. I seem to fall into myself on the bed, and it often wakes my sleeping self up with a start.

The best thing to do is to keep a journal on these travels and try to visit places that you can confirm your 'visit'. You may be rather surprised at your astral travels. It's a cheap way to visit family, friends and places you've always wanted to 'see'! 😆
AnneV (4 stories) (1050 posts) mod
11 years ago (2010-01-25)
There is no marker in the astral that says, "You are here X". There are usually two situations when we are conscious and our bodies are asleep. One is that we are in a parallel life. I can't count the times I fade from this one and have perfect memory phase in of other places and people that I know and love, only to slowly phase out of that when I come back here. You can do a basic research on String Theory to see how more and more scientists are starting to believe that there are parallel dimensions, separated by frequencies.

The other experience is a trip to the astral. This can mirror the physical but is a lot more than that. It's the emotional plane and is often (if you're in the higher part of it) indescribably beautiful. As for the inability to get around wires, I wrote about it on my astral projection webpage here:

Don't think you need the standard conscious separation from your physical body with the vibrations and what not. If you become lucid, then take advantage of that. One thing I do if I find myself in some dream and I become conscious, is to start spinning in your dream. This will cause your body to vibrate heavily and you can then separate (once you get over the fear of the vibrations that is since they are like an 8.0 earthquake).

Read more on my other site for how to's and what not.


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