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Dreams About Death


For as long as I could remember I have been having certain dreams that in a way tells me what's going to happen. I have had dreams of weddings and funerals a several times for the year. My mother & father have also had strange dreams of people who have died and such.

I don't have those types of dreams but I have dreamed of being to a wedding and because my mother knows and has heard of these types of things from people, I have told her of this. Neither my mother nor father think it's not weird nor anyone I know for that matter.

In the country were I live, most of the citizens are superstitious so there isn't a problem really. When it comes to my family, I have heard stories of them seeing ghosts when they were younger and a lot of other stuff which I can't remember right now. Now back to me. My mother told me that if I dream of a wedding, someone is going to die. If I dream of a funeral, a couple will get married. This only applies to people I know. Oh, if I dreamed that I am inside a house, someone is going to die as well. From what she has told me and what I have dreamed, these events do come to reality. Every wedding and funeral dream that I have had, had always come true.

I have had dreams of things that I WANT like a PSP and other things but I won't get into that. I think it's just my desires and wants getting to me.

Last night, I had a strange dream about a mass burial. My father said that it might be coming disaster or something having to do with the earthquake and suffering in Haiti. When I looked, I saw grave holes everywhere I looked. The graves weren't very deep just like maybe 1 foot deep (if my measurements are correct). There were people dead and alive laying down right beside there graves. I even saw a pregnant woman wearing a red blouse lying beside her grave as well. It was very obvious that she was pregnant, after all the first thing I noticed really was her large stomach.

I then saw a yellow tractor using its front scoop to full up some graves. I never saw the persons being covered up by the dirt at all, just the dirt filling the grave itself. Then I saw my self in a mini-bus watching everything else taking place. During that the alarm woke me up so if there was anything else for me to see, I never saw it.

What I want to know now is what you think of these dreams that I told you about. I just need more explanations because through out the whole day I could still remember what I saw in living colour/color, but not knowing what it could really mean. This dream is the first dream that I have ever taken a special interest. Oh, came you tell me what kind of ability this is (if I is one).

What do you think?

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Ghost_Girl (5 stories) (24 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-30)
your dreams are kind of different than premenitions. I don't know if there is an actual name for that, I am new to the site so I don't know everything quite yet. One thing is for sure though, your dreams seem to have a twist to them. Sometimes mine have that kind of twist to them too. Look at the little things that stand out, the mini-bus, the pregnant woman in the red blouse et cetra. Colours say a lot in dreams. Colours show emotion, like red means angry.
Your dream might be easier to disipher that way.

Hope this helps! 😉

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