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Valentine Of My Dreams?


I have a very strange ability. When I meet someone new, I can tell if they are going to be a very good friend or will hurt someone I care about. Granted, this is mostly a gut feeling, an increased sense of intuition if you will. I also am an empath and can usually figure out what is bothering a person after a short amount of time. Though this is not about the second part. One of the most curious characteristics of my ability is that I can tell when someone is going to have a good romantic relationship with me. I guess you could say it's love at first sight, but they've been more like loving caring relationships so far.

The first time this happened, I felt a strange affinity for a boy I hadn't even met, like I knew we were going to be friends. It took us a few weeks to first talk to each other, but for a few months after that, we had become intimately close friends. I happen to be a very shy person who doesn't know how to express her feelings in ways other than art or being cute. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how much this boy loved me until it was too late and I had moved onto a new crush. But we did have a very deep relationship, it was my fault completely for not taking an initiative.

The second time I had this feeling, it was weaker but there was still a definite feeling. I met him while being an extra in a zombie movie and couldn't stop thinking of him (and apparently he couldn't stop thinking of me). We had fun for a month, but I had taken a stressful semester and nothing could have saved me from my own demise. We're still friends, but he has his life and I have mine.

The last one happened a year ago. I had to move away from the college I was going to and took classes at home. Nobody had left me with any feelings until now. There is a guy in my Biology course who I felt an instant affinity with and what's more, I had written a comic 5 years before and had based the main characters off of constellations. The main female character was based off of what I wanted to be while the main male character was just based off of random traits that came to mind. His constellation was Orion and the guy I'm interested in has a middle name of Orion. The two also look very similar, having brown hair, blue eyes, slightly taller than me and having a scruffy sense of style.

I think this person may be the one and we've already become good friends after a few short weeks, but how can I overcome my shyness and finally live my destiny? I'm not going to sit back and do nothing, I'd just like some tips. Any suggestions on how to get a man?

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domin007 (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-02)
In case anyone was curious, I did have some boyfriends that did not exude any aura when I first met them and they all failed miserably. Even if it seemed like we had something in common, our souls just didn't click.

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