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Strange Intense Experiences That I Felt


Words are not enough to described many of my strange intense experiences that I felt. When I was 5 years old I lost my mother. As I grew up I had these feelings all what happened in my past I saw it. I cannot tell if it in my dreams.

Now I am a full grown woman. I can feel there is something extra special gift that I have. I saw a ghost of my uncle when I was 20 years old and I do always feel I am not alone as always. As I concentrate to a certain person I can visualized something mostly bad or worst will happened. As I focused my whole concentration to that person as if I am seeing it through a mirror.

Most of the time I can sense someone is watching me. Last 2003 I went back home and I met a priest. That priest told me that I have a gift from above. I immediately refused to accept what a so called gift...

Now that I am ready I need help in how to broaden it up or cultivate if I really have this gift. Please help me am I going insane? I really need to know. Thank you... You can email me at uandmeagainstallodds - at -

Last year that was November I met a woman whom she told me she is a healer. She told me that she can sense a man, a fairy in my house. My son told me that he can saw a faeries. I don't know what to think or do. Last year also I had a very strange experienced at night when I was about to sleep I felt someone was down between my legs. I can feel him move do cl. Sex to me. I feel it how he sucked and licked it. I was so afraid. Can you please tell me what are all these things that I felt?

Thank you so much

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angelsent (1 stories) (10 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-04)
adrress to nobodie you need to be with GOD JESUS will help us, help you. YOU need to see a priest never ever email me ok
nobodie (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-02)
please. You need to find refuge in words somewere other then these public ses pits for mis guidence. I want to talk to you more. I also have had some... Exseriences I suppose. I have been trieing all night to find somone to talk to but I have failed. I would be much obliged if you would add me on msn. I'm 17 year old male. I'm not here to trick you please. Give me a chance. Get msn and talk to me please. Be_happy_anti_emo [at] that's an old email address. Don't hold it against me:p thank you

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