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Animal Ghost?


One day there was a presentation at my school. It was called "The animals are crying." This presentation was shown to us to basically to say "There are animals out there that don't have homes but need them"

This truly touched me because well, frankly I feel bad for those animals. The woman presenting 'The animals are crying' was talking about people in the shelter having to put animals down because they weren't adopted in time. I hate seeing an animal die. It is just so sad.

At that moment I felt an weird cold thing on my leg. There was nothing there. I was basically kneeling with my legs out to the side. But on one of my legs I felt the incredibly abnormal cold. It wasn't a breeze because it rested in one place. It didn't feel like a breeze either. It felt almost as if someone put their cold hands on bare skin. It was winter so everybody was wearing long sleeve clothes, (pants included) the weird chill was shaped as a ball resting on my leg. Thinking of what this might be I thought of my cat, she is still living but sh takes up almost the same amount of space as the cold orb. I don't know if this was a spirit of an animal so if you think you know please tell me. Thank you so much!

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