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Psychic Dream Marathon


One night I had two really weird dreams one was of a woman giving birth no where near a hospital the other was of me finding one of my missing notebooks. When I woke up I had this really strange feeling, indescribable. I got to the kitchen to have breakfast and then I heard the new story they were announcing on the radio. It was of a woman giving birth in the subway station, (no where near a hospital)

I was so surprised at the connection between my dream and reality.

I started to think of all the dreams I had had the night I had the psychic dream and I remembered that in my other dream I found my math notebook. (it had been lost for a week or so) I really hoped that I would find it today. When I got to school and opened my locker I grabbed my science and history books and then I saw it. Just as it had been in my dream, my math notebook. At this point I was kind of freaked out. I don't think this weird phenomenon has ever happened to me before. I was actually excited by the fact that I could see the not so distant future. I sadly haven't had a psychic dream since my marathon of psychic dreams but I am hoping for another one to come soon. I know a few other people who have seen the future actually two of those people are in my family. I wonder if it is a gene. Well if it is I love it!

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pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-18)
I had a time a while ago where I dreamt my life up to 3 years in advance. Everyday something happens where I know I dreamt it before. Then I had a dry spell and now I think my precognitive dreams are starting to come back. Every now and then I go through a dry spell. I don't know why but I think it has something to do with how happy or stressed I am in my personal life. I keep a dream journal. I try to record my dreams in it everyday. Even though I am very good at remembering my dreams and their details, it helps having a record of what date exactly I had the dream. Plus, I suspect that for some reason and in some way it helps me have more.
mearis415 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-16)
Neat! I am also going through paranormal phenomena withdrawals and terribly miss those experiences. Best of luck!

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