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Like A Puppet On A String


I've tried everything else so I guess I'll try this site. I've been reviewing it a lot and you all seem to be mindful and understanding. So Maybe you can help me in my current situation.

I don't really know how to describe what is happening to me. I know it's bad but at the same time its the safest I have ever felt in my whole life. We've just bought this amazing old house, the type that you think about when reading Victorian literature. Yet from the moment I crossed the threshold, things have been getting strange. So much for our fresh start.

The first sign was on the first night, I was lay in bed surrounded by boxes and got a strange sensation on my ear, like somebody was whispering to me but I couldn't hear anything. This continued for a few nights and I always put it down to my need to have the window open while I sleep.

As the days continued instead of exploring the wonderful village around the house or the forest nearby as I had planned. I found myself compelled to spend my days exploring the house alone, soon enough I knew the house like the back of my hand, I knew which floorboards creaked and which windows were likely to get stuck. Yet even though I knew so much about this house, I could not muster the power to leave it for long periods of time. Even the two minute walk to shop became a terrible thing to face, I was only happy in this strange house.

The first time I saw him or more realistically it. I found myself almost crying with the fear. Just a dull black shadow standing there watching me as I clung to my dirty clothes. It took me a week to dare go back into the cellar, I had to beg my brother to take my dirty clothes to the washing machine.

The shadow never left though, I'd see it in the corner of my eye or as I lay in bed. Just watching. It never made any move to harm me so soon I became almost attached to the shadow as I was to the house. At the time, I didn't realize I was becoming more reclusive. My family noticed, I've always been very outgoing so now that I find most comfort sat alone in an empty room of the house is worrying to them.

I'm a writer by nature, so I spend hours over a desk with a pen in hand or in front of a screen. But recently I've felt somebody reading every word I conjure up, even now as I type this I can feel the eyes watching and if I look through the corner of my eye to the reflection in the screen I can see it looming over me.

Normally I wouldn't write about any of this, I mean it's like my comfort blanket these days. Something that's always there when everything else is gone. But it's affecting my life now, I've become very short tempered with my family who I adore and find myself unable to speak to new people anymore. It's taken over my life, yet I'm unable to drag myself away from the strange comfort it gives my wounded soul. I'm nothing more than a puppet on a string and it's the puppet master. When I'm not near it I'm limp and useless, yet when I am I act strange.

Can anybody help? Has anybody felt anything similar? And why am I so attached to something that may be from my mind alone? Please help.

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SmokeTooAsh (8 stories) (41 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-31)
It sounds like you are fixating and this is not a good thing, as you have said yourself. Being that you are writer I can see how this could happen. I used to write poetry ALOT this was when I was from the age of 13 until I was 19. I experienced shadows like you have however I never became attached, but they neve harmed me either. What are your writings like? If you go back and read what you write it could give you some insight on your own personal self. You have to realize that (in my beliefs) anything and everything is a possibility you have all the power in the world to influence your own mood, and not allow this to continue. Perhaps there are spirits in your house if it is a very old house I wouldn't be at all suprised, but do keep in mind old house isn't the only requirement to be haunted. There are also other things that could be going on. The one and most important ability that we all have psychic or not is freedom of will. You will be a puppet if you truly believe a puppet master can control you. However this could just be a good way of expressing an emotion with the personality of writer that you have. Just remember you are the one in control and if you feel your not you need to change that. Good luck
revsilverson (guest)
12 years ago (2010-03-31)
this spirit energy is there to protect you. It is the spirit of someone (a woman I sense) who created a loving, protective environment for her family and loved ones. They loved being near her and felt safe. Away from her they felt insecure and not as loved. The nuzzling of your ear was her kiss.

Perhaps your anger is coming from the fact that you now know that the physical world is not the only "world". This has upset your equilibrium to an extent. Where once everything was explainable now it is not. This is upsetting. Also you are feeling the residual intense love left by the spirit and don't want to leave it. But you know you must sometimes and this irritates you too.

Nothing is coincidence- you are experiencing these things for a reason probably unknown to you now. Learn from this, about yourself, about love and its long lasting effects and about life after we shed our physical bodies. You are being shown things others would love to experience. It is your own perpsective that is creating your feelings of being manipulated. You are out of synch with the energy there. Be grateful. Embrace it.

Love and Light... Always
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-03-31)
You write about this here because we are strangers and you have few resources to share your experience.

How do you know you don't have a past live in this house? It may explain why you are so drawn to it. That shadow figure is simply a spirit and since you are so at ease in the place, it obviously means you no harm. You might even have a past with this soul.

But remember, this soul is stuck like you. It too can't leave the house. I don't necessarily adhere to any particular religion but I feel the closest to eastern philosophies in that we have to be mindful of our 'attachments', regardless of what that is, because attachments to things can remain even after we pass on and it prevents us from ascending to a higher state. Then there will be two ghosts at that house. Enjoy, but don't hold on too tightly to objects.

This is no good or bad here. It's about how you want to live your incarnation here on earth and on this plane. I see no reason you can't continue enjoying this lovely old home. Instead, I'd spend more time reflecting on why other people are annoying you. Maybe they are just annoying?;) It's also not odd for us to spend time alone and then feel jarred when we return to other people's imposed realities. This world has gone nuts in a lot of ways and it's sensitive people who find it irritating on their spiritual skin. Now if you are getting annoyed and they have done nothing wrong, then perhaps the balance in your life has gotten off centered. You don't think we all want to go home and stay there forever? I know I sure do. You might inwardly resent their intrusion into your peaceful place of escape. Keeping balance in our life can be work and no one likes that. Atrophy is a natural human tendency so whether it's getting out and exercising, turning the tv off or leaving a self-imposed sanctuary, we are still alive and some balance is needed to maintain mental and physical health.

The only true puppet strings in life are the ones we allow to happen. A house, and even a person can only control us to a certain level. The strings are is the mind. I can be in prison and more free than the average person walking the streets.


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