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I am new to this site and like many other people here, a lot of weird things that I cannot explain had happen to me. I have recently move into this new house, it kind of gives me a bad feeling for some reason. Whenever I am alone, I always feel like I'm being watched.

Anyway, it was about 11PM at night, I was getting off the computer and getting ready to go to bed. It was a cold night so I kept the window close. After 15 minutes of trying to sleep, I all of a sudden heard a nose like someone was typing on the computer. It sounded very real. First, I try to convince myself that it was the chair that's making that nose because of the wind. Then, I realized that my windows were close so that can't be it. I finally got the courage to try to look up to see if anyone was there. No one was there, the chair was facing the other way (like I left it) and the sound stopped.

Then, I went back trying to sleep again, I heard the typing noises again. After a few minutes it stop. Then, I heard the floor creaking like someone was coming near me. It wasn't just random wood creaking but it was drawing closer and closer to me. It stopped next to me. All of a sudden I could not move my arms from elbow down, or my legs from knee down. I was TERRIFIED, then I tried to ignore it maybe it'll go away by sleeping. I could not sleep until what felt like an hour later. Can someone help?

There was also this one dream that I dreamt of when I was four. I don't know why but I remember dream and ever detail. I was in my parents room and there were snakes EVERYWHERE on the floor. I could not go anywhere. I was panicking on the bed and feeling really scared. I also had that heavy feeling on me. Someone told me that if you see a snake in your dream it could mean a demon but I'm not sure. Can someone help me, thank you. (Sorry for the poor grammar, I'm usually not very good at that.)

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cyclorama (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-26)
It's a... Maybe you would call it ghost. But well a ghost is a wrong term, except someone hung himself there before you get in.
In my religion, there are things other than human (which you already experience now).
They are called JIN/Genie. They live like us, they eat and stuff. But they're invisible to many, yet can take physical form which pains them so much in the process. Their true form are unknown, since they only take the form in which is known to human as "scariest to me"
Don't worry, they are unable to hurt you, since they're afraid of us too. If you see one exposing itself to you, you can kick them skyhigh. Trust me, that happened once.

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