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Such Strange, Strange Abilities


There was this one night when I went to bed, it was raining outside so the thunder woke me up. I open my eyes since it scared me, I felt something breathing on me it was really strange to me. I got very scared and yelled to my mom to come here. As soon as that happened it stopped breathing on me.

After that was over I told my mother that I heard something breathing on me so heavily but she said to me "No there was not breathing on you sometimes your mind will play tricks on you."

But I know for a fact on what I felt and there was no "mind games" that whole moment had me very scared, after that I could not sleep for the whole night.

Also there was this time when I was downstairs doing something for My Aunt.

So she tells me to go ahead and take some of our clothes upstairs so she goes outside and smoke a cigarette on our front porch.

As I go up stairs to put the clothes away, I start to smell Cigarette Smoke it was very odd I thought to myself.

I go downstairs to ask my aunt "Did you some another cigarette in the house?" of course my aunt was back in the house from, smoking.

I ask her again she replied to me "No I have the package in my purse" it freaked me out a lot and, I knew nobody was upstairs smoking.

Rushing up the stairs I smelt it again, again it totally made me frightened.

Also that event happened again with my uncle who died when I did not exist

But now it happened again my mom was in the kitchen making a fruit smoothie.

I'm upstairs playing with my younger cousins until my other cousin who was five years old took my mom's phone, took a picture of her.

Some time later my mom comes in my room asking me who that was I told her "it looks like uncle", My eyes began to widen because there was a portrait of my uncle wearing his Favorite white jacket with the blue zipper. At my Grand mother's house I related the picture to my mom's cell phone and, it was actually him walking and looking back at my mother.

Here's another experience that I had with another Dead family member.

My mother, Grandmother, Older Grandmother told me about my dead Grandfather. And how he use to use those wooden pipe and it would smell like cherries, or it would just really stink.

Sometime later I go up stairs to get a pen for my Diary until I smell cherries I stopped with shock.

I told my mom about when she and my grandmother told me about the pipe that

"Smelled like Cherries" it did somehow or some way I told my mother what happened she was shocked I told her it was upstairs down the hallway to my bedroom.

She looked at me in a "oh my god" kind of way she told me "where did you smell it?"

"Up down the hallway" I said.

And that's all happened to me so far so good, but I have a Question does that make me Psychic or, a psychic who experiences paranormal events?

Somebody please tell me

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cyclorama (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-26)
Did they kill them self? Or did they die normally? Either way, it's possible it's a ghost, and they have something they haven't done. Either that or it's the 'other being' that's trying to play with you.
Since it's too much, I guess those two are the only possibility.
As to why they play with you, well... I don't know for sure until you search their background.
zen (guest)
14 years ago (2010-09-24)
Well it sounds like you have a ghost hanging around. For psychic abilities Id say Clairescence but ghost too have been known to be strong enough to produce smells familiar with them. So its a thin line, the main question is did anyone else smell it in the same place you did, if you are the only one Id lean alittle more to Clairescence.

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