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By The Stream Of The Mission


I had gone to see a movie with my ex-boyfriend, trying to patch things up. Afterward we were walking along a stream near a very old mission in the area. The sun was setting, and a clock tower nearby began to toll. It was here, with the sun to my left and the clock to my right, with the water in front of me I began to feel strange. Everything seemed to slow down, and for a moment I had no idea what was going on. My entire body felt elevated, my mind felt. Above me, beyond me, some where else. I suddenly knew who was walking by, and when. I knew what my ex-boyfriend was going to say, before he said it. I was really scared. I knew I would drive home, and my mother would ask me about some fried chicken in the fridge.

I drove home, and she did. And I confessed to her that I'd been feeling this odd sensation for at least thirty minutes now- it was ongoing. I told her I felt that something was wrong- someone was in trouble and I felt it was within the family. She called my brothers my father and then finally my sister. Apparently my sister was lost, while walking in a new area in Texas. Once my mother helped her find her way back home, I felt better and it all stopped. What does this mean?

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