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Paranioa? Or More?


Alright, I'm not far into my wiccan training yet, but feel the need t say a couple things. I have only been studying about a year. I worry that what I say below is born not of an ability, but of my mass paranoia.

Ok, so we are at her house with her boyfriend and I go upstairs. I start to see things around that aren't there. I hear whispers for a couple moments and then it all stops. Then I realize that I can sense where my friends are, they are downstairs on the couch, and that I can spark like things pushing against my right arm.

When they come upstairs, the sparks follow them. My friend Austin goes into the other room to find something and his spark goes with him. When he comes back into view, his spark dims a bit. Its the same with her. So as we continue to talk, I pay more attention to the sparks, and they don't go away like the voices.

The next day, I'm walking barefoot in the woods, along with my brother. I begin to realize that my feet feel like their are waves hitting them. I look down and their is no water, nor waves, though the feeling continues. I realize that it is ripples, not on the surface I feel, but beneath, like the ground is doing the wave.

If anyone can explain these things, even if its a dismissal, I would appreciate it immensely.

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