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I Think I'm A Psychic


Just last Saturday I was on Facebook talking to my best friend. I could always tell if she was feeling gloomy: not talking very much, avoiding conversation just by a hello. But this time she stepped right into her sad stage. She said that her friends Mom had just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My other best friend's Mom had Breast Cancer, but she is still alive to this day. I had told her that their was a chance that she would live.

Because this bothered me so much inside to just let it all out to my Mom, because my step-Grandma had Breast Cancer, and had to have one of her breast removed. But she lived. My Grandma had Cancer but lived. My great-Uncle had Cancer but died. That was a sad day. Anyways, my Mom and I were driving to WalMart to get food. I just had to let it slip out of my mouth. "Why is everybody getting Breast Cancer?" My Mother astonished as could be to my question. Said "Did Aunt *** (a close family friend) tell you that she might have Breast Cancer?" Not knowing what my Mom was talking about, I said no.

My Mom being weirded out and planning to call Aunt ***, had told her what I had said, and talking for a bit. When my Mom hung up the phone she asked how did you know that? I just said that I didn't know anything about it. For us and Aunt *** not knowing if she has Breast Cancer kind of leaned on me for the answer in a way.

My Mom told me that when I was younger (I am now 15) that I used to ask questions like that to her and my Dad (my parents have been divorced since I was 2). I had this relative that died last year because of health problems I suppose. My Dad's sister and my Dad's Mom and I were going to their sides close family friends home for her sons birthday party, that lived in the neighborhood that the relative that died last year Mom lives (I'm trying my best to not name anyone lol. Sorry if this will be extremely confusing).

Right when my Aunt set her car in that neighborhood I immediately got this gooshy feeling that something happened to someone. While she was parking the car the feeling got stronger, walking to and in the house was the strongest. My Aunt and I were in their kitchen getting some food. That relatives face shot into my head like a bullet. Me looking around seeing if she was anywhere to be found at this house was useless. I asked my Aunt where she was, she said that she was having some health problems. I bet my Aunt thought I was being very strange that day.

My Grandma and I were going to visit one of her friends that lived in the relatives Mom's neighborhood. As we made our way to the entrance of my Grandma's friends house, I stepped on that Welcome Mat, and her face was shining like the morning sun in my mind. I asked my Grandma where she was she said that she had health problems. Waiting there at the entrance I asked if she was okay, my Grandma said that her Father found her dead in her house. When my Gradma's friend finally opened the door I couldn't even talk, glaring into her house was like looking into a long lost snow globe of that dead relative mind.

Thank you so much for reading my incredibly LONG story. I just thought I had to share this somewhere. Am I psychic or not?

Please comment.

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light20 (34 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-27)
> Am I psychic or not?

Yep, you are psychic and deserve all the praise I can give you.:) the universe cherishes you:) lol

Make it the brightest day.:)

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