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Little Lights Are They Spirits?


I see lil white lights sometimes. I hear spirits talking at my home. I know this is not some kind of psychotic episode. I am very much sane. I have always been able to feel spirits or see things out the corner of my eye. Sometimes the lights will appear in front of me, other times in my side vision. I see them all the time, but mostly at night when I am sitting at my computer. They are not there for long, just long enough for me to acknowledge that they have been seen. I read that these lights are spirits (spirit guides).

Its always more than one light. I see them from both sides. I hear someone talking all the time in my home. The voices always come from the same area. In my hallway around the air conditioning unit and when I turn on my exhaust fan in the bathroom. I actually made a video (web cam) recording next to the place where I always here these voices.Yes! It picked up a male voice, and I played this for my mother and father also who heard the voice recording. My husband says that he does not hear it.

My brother in law passed a couple of weeks ago and I heard his voice very clearly the next week, in that same area. I am curious and also a lil afraid. I pray that it is not something that will cause harm to me.

I have been hearing the "voices" and seeing the lights for over two years, (in this home) I moved here when I married my husband. He found his wife dead here in 2008, and we sleep in the same bed. We can not afford mattresses right now and there were no body fluids or anything on the mattress. I was afraid at first, but the holy bible says that the dead know nothing. What happens when you die?

I know that I see these lights and hear these voices and would like some feedback on this issue. Does anyone here at this web site see these lil lights? Do you have more information about these lil lights? Please contact me at:


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scarysanta (3 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-29)
I believe that the orbs are our souls, traveling in a ball of light (energy). I have called forth spirits of the dead, and they come back as orbs. I have pictures you can look at that may help you. I also believe that the orbs are good energy! You are only afraid because you don't understand what you are experiencing. If you meditate, and relax, you will feel the energy of the orbs, and in my experience it has always been joyful. See pictures of these things of which I speak at
lawra (7 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-27)
sorry I didn't explain some thing properly the lights can be spirit but orbs usual last longer my definition from my own experience in front of eyes ect at the side ect to me is your energy because I think that to be mine. If you know anything about what I'm talking about start from the begining and start with psychic energys... And find out more from their.
lawra (7 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-27)
im going to try and help I have also experienced these lights their so quick like a flash then gone listen I can assure you if you are sound minded what your experienceing is right its a mediumistic ability and the voice phenomonom is claudience best you start reading up on energy as its the main cause of psychic abilitys and try to forget about it until you do more research and don't delve into what you do not know. It can turn bad if you have no idear on what your doing even if you do it can turn bad believe me... Just a warning... But try to find out more about it if your going to delve but honestly don't get to curious without protection and find out more on the subject...
Rashidah (guest)
11 years ago (2010-10-26)
This story somehow reminds me of orbs. These lights are manifestations of the spirits. Spirits come in different forms.

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