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My story is short, so don't expect much. I don't have a problem at all my dreams, you can say a bit normal. But sometimes I have a sensation of dejavu. Like this happen before. For example in summer I had a dream about a show and the group of people I never knew. So when I started 7 grade I saw the same people in my dream. But usually is months before it happen that I forget and after it happen about to 20 minutes to an hour I feel the dejavu. Sometimes is movies I see, but mostly exciting things that happen to me, I see. Sometimes I wish your stories happen to me, but the way you put them makes me see that you guys are suffering cause of this super naturals. You know I some times have this lucid dreams, that I'm asleep and still have dream, but I'M m still feel awake. When I wake-up and go to sleep the same thing happen to me again.

Even though this is out topic I need to say something. Even though it stop a long time ago. But when I was little I sometimes could hear my name being called though nobody was there. Sometimes I thought it was my imagination, still it sometimes happen. But now there is no more of that stuff. And sometimes I thought I see dark shadows I'm the corner of my house that I get scared. Sometimes I feel their presence that I rushed to my room. What I'm more embarrassed is that I'm in 8th grade now and I'm still scared.

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violetstory (3 stories) (68 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-27)
You are psychic like any of us here:)
We are all psychic and I am sure if you want to, you too can develop into a wonderful psychic ❤
What I would say for you now is to practice raising your vibration, you don't have to read the top part just try and skip down to the list. What I recommend is trying to implement these into your life. This will get you in a state of confidence of yourself with your abilities and also once you start to get really good at this your abilities will begin to develop 😁 if you need any further help just email me, my email address is on my profile:D

Have a wonderful day, I know you will be alright ❤

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