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Hello, my name is Damone I'm the typical high school guy. I play all kinds of sports and is well connected with people but to my story... On the day I turned 6 weeks old my father committed suicide at the age of 21 while on LSD in front of me and my mother. In no more than 12 hours after his death I was in the hospital on the break of death but through God I made it. Years went by and when turned 16 I started noticing that I could feel other peoples' emotions and I could predict what they were going to say or do. I didn't understand what was happening I just thought it might be chance but then it started happening in my dreams that I saw images that came true in a week or even a month later. Then when I turned 19 I was in a deep depression and I felt as the world was coming to an end and closed myself to the world. From the death of my father me and my moms relationship has been a tight rope but at this time I needed someone that knew me better than anyone.

I spent a weekend with her and things started making sense. By the way my mother is very psychic. She can read peoples card and just by touching you she can see into you. Before this weekend I didn't really understand what being psychic meant but she started teaching me things like how to focus my mind to control the movement of a flame and let it show you what it hides. I couldn't focus by myself tho I had to find a gateway and I found it through LSD. I know its the same drug that took my fathers life but I'm not doing it to get high but to open my mind so that I may unleash my power. Once I opened the gateway I found that I have a very strong connection with animals that in a way I have bond with them. I hope now you have an understanding of me a little better but I leave here with one question how do I open more gateways without the drug? I know of sleep deprivation and extreme mediation but I want to know what others use.

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InjuredAngelHeero (4 stories) (87 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-02)
sleep deprivation isn't a good idea, most people say small daily meditation seccessions are the best. Ususally 5-10 minutes a day for meditation is what they recommend. The more you meditate the better you become, it follows the 'practice makes perfect' rule.

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