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*The stories of my life are generally not believed, not even by my closest friends (outside of the fold of those who know). It does not bother me, experience is the benefactor of understanding. If you have not extensive experience outside of this world, do not bother with criticism, insults hurled by children are fit only for laughter.

Anyways, do as you please and take this as you please. Your life and mind are your own, I am simply singing a song over the ocean.

Growing up a sensitive and in relative isolation, I am not grounded in this world. I am a tourist in this world, not a citizen, and I am constantly crossing the borders from one world in one universe to another.

I have many stories regarding my travels... Here are two

Psychic Invasion

At 18 I was getting ready to move from my family's home in Florida, there were 2 months left between me and leaving. I had recently met an entity who has since become my most constant companion in this world, he led me to begin recording my experiences and analyzing them. He also told me of a word, a mantra, that would protect me from the horrible psychic experiences I had had nightly since birth.

The story concerning my first use of the mantra is too personal to share, suffice to say it worked and has since never left my heart. This mantra has saved me from more pain than I could describe or comprehend.

During this introductory period I had an experience on one of the inner planes. Here I was going to check the mail when I saw someone trying to hotwire my family's infamous Eurovan, so I confronted this entity. When it turned to face me, it bore my exact image. I was shocked with fear as cannot be experienced on this world, it was accompanied by severe psychic bolts and I could feel its hands grip my neck in a vise. I was paralyzed and the pain kept getting worse. Then I awoke.

There were more experiences with this entity and there had been more previous, but this was the first time it came out in the open. Up to this time it had gained much power over me and was trying to cut the silver chord. It was stealing my body.

Some months passed, locked in this strange battle on the psychic field and faced with losing my physical body, my mind was beginning to snap. I was on a collision course and could see it plainly, there was no way I could win this battle on my own.

I had only used the mantra my friend showed me once, and decided to try it again (it had been several months). So I went to my room and tried an exercise, simply singing this word to myself and watching for anything that would happen. The experience I had was beautiful, for the first time in so long I felt peace. Peace like no other mantra or exercise could bring me. While in this state a magnificent blue and white light came swirling from the top of my head to envelop me. The rest is private_;)

I began singing this word to myself every night before bed, and it helped immensely. From the start I began noticing things I was doing which weren't right, they were making my life harder and pressing in on those around me. As I sought to mend my false ways, the grip which this entity had over me weakened. I began having positive experiences, mixed in with my usual repertoire of conflict.

Gradually I was getting stronger or rather, lighter. There was less holding me down and the entity lost its hold over me completely.

The battle finally came to a head one day, when I was wandering through a psychic world in a big building like a shopping mall. The entity came up to me and told me to lure some of my friends out of a room, then we would attack them. It didn't know that its hold over me had been lost, so I pretended to go along with its plan. Only as I turned a corner into the room, I tucked off to the side and as it passed I struck it over the head. A big fight ensued between my friends and various entities which accompanied this being. We won.

Later I was alone in the same building when I felt cold hands on my shoulders, I turned to face my familiar nemisis. The fight that followed was gruesome, suffice to say that I won.

Seldom have I had had problems with psychic invasion since, and now I know how to defend myself. Although in this situation it was necessary to use violence, and in several others, I find that the more I move into a consciousness of Love and out of the plays of Power, the less violence becomes necessary.

The Word and the Guru

Wandering through a park, I was 7 years old and it was fall. At this time my life was chaotic, it was torture. I had been physically tortured more than once, and frequently went days or weeks without food, in school I would steal milk cartons from the cafeteria which were a fantastic luxury the often all I would subsist off of for a time. Every moment of my caged physical existence was as hard and cold as a sewer grate.

My inner life was worse, far worse.

So I was wandering through the park on some inner plane, watching the moon and feeling the breeze of fall with serene expectation. This was a rare moment to be cherished by such as I, no fear no anger no worries or tension... Just the moon over the trees always in place no matter where I would angle

Here I was approached by a man, clothed in gold with a beautiful aura that was so thick and magnificent I could barely see his face. He spoke no words to me, but filled me with a hope that even upon forgetting the experience, would carry me through until we met again. He gave me the spark of life which was missing

So in practicing the word which my friend gave me, all those years later, I met the man with the golden heart again. He came to me and said... Some things which are private_;)

This was the beginning of my life in the light and sound, the end of the dark eons which brought me here: my pride shattered, my hands humbled and clean. When I met this man again, I did not recognize him and he did not say, but I knew even without introduction - though he was dressed plainly and spoke modestly - that this was a great Soul. As Soul (that which I am) I intuitively accepted him and granted him my goodwill just as he had already shared with me.

Shortly after that time, I found him in the physical world.

Every time I see the guru, in this world or in the inner, my heart fills with joy. He is a teacher I can see with my eyes here, and one who also guides and protects me through those many worlds beyond the senses. Though I've met a few others who would do the same, they all point to him as the wayshower.

Never have I met anyone on the inner who claimed his title, and I have a method for testing all I meet on the inner planes to find out if they are positive or negative. I sing the word, and fill my heart with love. If you do not believe this works, that's good, its good to be skeptical - who would believe something they have no proof of? Try it and see for yourself.

His name is 'Wah Z' or 'Sri Harold Klemp'.

There is so much to say, I have travelled far and could speak or write all night in your ear. Alas all the words in the world can do no good if you would not hear it. If you would listen, I have a word, from one Soul to another I say "HU"


With Spiritual Love

Baraka Bashad,

~ Aaron

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