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I don't have one long history of one possible type of psychic experiences, but a jumbled mess one random ones throughout time.

It started with dreams, seeing things happen before they did. For example when I was 4 I had a dream that everyone I lived with wore masks, and it wad very creepy. You could imagine my surprise when 2 months later I found out they were fake, and my real family was finally getting me back from them. In the dream I had what they said, down to the exact articulation of their conversations, to the color and design of their clothes. All turned truth.

Sometime once I was 10-11 I started seeing ghosts. It started with me waking up to seeing a small girl dresses in a frilly dress sitting at my desk in my room watching me sleep. Then at one point I saw people passing my doorway in the middle of the night, Along with a very terrifying experience of a man in a hard hat coming into my room with well... Something dangerous and as I said it was very terrifying. I have also seen a few more since then including a mischievous cat, and more of that little girl.

Once I turned around 13 things started to go haywire. Certain pictures or photos will, only to me, slightly move. Now I know this sounds weird but it still happens once in a while and it never ceases to shock me. For example just last weak I was looking at a cover to a book I was completely engrossed in, when I thought I saw the design just slightly shift. I thought I was just tired so I focused my eyes and stared, and after about 60 seconds, it happened again. It was a weird round henna tattoo design on the inside of the book, that just an hour ago I saw move. Even though the movement was slight, I instantly dropped the book in shock.

At one point at around 15 I started seeing ghosts again. But it went from what I thought was my haunted house, to being outside on the streets, and sometimes just a horrible gut wrenching feeling that I was being watched.

All together since then I have had several ghostly encounters, several extremely vivid dreams of conversations and meetings, and as I already mentioned the "moving pictures". Honestly sometimes it really scares me.

2 weeks ago I had a dream about me having a fight with my husband about something so little, and knew exactly what had started to sway the conversation to the side of argument. Yesterday, it helped me prevent, from what I saw, would have been a very heart throbbing, tear jerking fight.

Whats even worse to add to this stress inducing "gift/s", recently I have been getting these strong vibes about certain people, mostly their emotions and just a small trickle of a odd thought about someone that I barely know. Like the girl who found out she was pregnant, and her drunk dad beat her for it. Saw proof of it when she asked me to pass a note to her friend during class (which I would like to add that if you ever pass notes, don't use sharpie).

What am I? Psychic or insane, or a ying/yang match of both?

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Darkstar (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-06)
Well you're not crazy in fact it sounds like you have several abilities. The first of which is Precog, dreams of the future. Also you have clairvoyance, the ability to see ghost. And finally you seem to have a weak form of telekinesis, moving things with your mind. As for dealing with them, Precog dream come when they come so the only real way to tell if a dream is one is if it feel more realistic. Clairvoyance will lure many ghosts to you so that they can speak with you, either to get help or some other request. As for telepathy by focusing more on it you should be able to get stronger with it.

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