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Rooting For Sport Players


It all started with the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany, I was rooting for the Argentina national team, just because my friend was rooting for it and I didn't know any other better teams there that I would root for in the first place so I just rooted for Argentina.

When I was looking at the game, live in TV, Argentina was playing and then there was a switch of players on the team, and then, this player came out. Now, this certain player I knew there was something special about him as soon as he first put his feet on the field. With me also talking to my friend the same time, saying that he was hot and stuff. I looked, he scored. So I was like, "Okay, he scored yay!" I ended up begging my mom for a jersey with his number on it, and then Argentina got eliminated, I seriously thought I would never see the player again because I thought you only saw the players once every 5 years (or whatever the world cup went like), so I proceeded with my own life.

A year went by, I got 2 new channels! I was really excited then. There were 2 soccer channels and I was really excited about them, I could finally see the player that I liked. I asked my friend what was coming up soon and he said that the Copa America was coming up, so I really paid attention to that, cheering for Argentina and for him. I suddenly came across some fan sites and stuff, I really stuck to one of them. And even when Argentina lost the finals, I was really happy that I will be able to see him for a while.

Suddenly the season started! I was very happy to see what his team, FC Barcelona, would do. Then, some weird things started to happen. On games whenever I looked at them, he would be playing and all, and then he would score. And this was suddenly just become unusual. He would score whenever I was looking at the game, or cheering for the game when I couldn't see it. Some recent games I wasn't at home looking at the game at all, he wouldn't perform well at all. Just before another game about earlier this week, I said to my friend, "I would like to say Barcelona would win this game, but I feel that there is a wall there, I don't know why, but it seems there is a wall" the following day, articles were like, "(Player) fights to play in the game Sunday night..." and I just felt uneasy when kick off happened and most of the rest of the game, but I just felt relieved when he came on oddly enough.

But, whenever I root this other particular player, he would just do poorly, but recently, he has been doing better, so I don't think this is effected by this weirdness at all. I asked my friend about this and he says that there is a "romantic connection" between me and the player which I give good luck to. But another just says that I just give him good luck and that there is just a special connection. What makes it even more odd is that it only works for him, nobody else. It doesn't really make sense to me. But why is this happening? I can cope with it and all, but why does it only work for him? Why me? What's its purpose of being only with me?

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