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When I was aged 9, living in Aberdeen, Scotland my father died. He and my mother had been separated for several years. One evening when I was in bed but awake I heard the phone ring, my mother answered it and said "whaaat? She sounded shocked. My inner voice said "my dad's dead" though quite why I should know this with such utter certainty is puzzling. Sure enough, he had died under mysterious circumstances in Berlin (the place I was born).

A couple of months later I was asleep. It was the middle of the night and I suddenly woke up; I'd felt a pressure at the end of the bed. I sat up and saw a shadowy figure at the bottom of my bed. We just faced each other, again my inner voice told me it was my father. I just lay down and sort of waited to see what would happen. I WAS a bit scared but at the same time I wasn't as I knew it was my dad and that he wouldn't harm me. I've thought about this often, it never happened like that again, although other things have.

I have never, ever been able to understand the thing I'm about to try to explain. It's nothing big or major but it has puzzled me for over 30 years. At around the same time period - ie aged between 10 and 12 - I'd be in bed waiting to go to sleep and I'd hear all these voices. Men and women, all talking but not loudly, in my head. I could never quite grasp what any of them were saying, a bit like ambient chatter in a quiet pub. It happened many times and I've NEVER been able to work it out. I have thought about it for many years and even wondered if it was some sort of schizophrenia (however I decided it wasn't as the voices weren't telling me anything specific).

When I was around 16 years of age I was very naive and got myself into situations that could have been quite dangerous. At this time I began to hear different voices in my head, talking to me quite lucidly. I recognized them as my maternal grandparents. They stayed with me until I was well into my late 30's and saved my life. That may sound dramatic but it's true. I was in severe danger (from someone who ended up doing life in prison for a brutal murder) and my grandfather spoke to me and told me what to do. I was locked in the house being threatened with a gun at the time, but I escaped because I listened to his voice.

Over the years I have had many experiences and have been told that I'm 'clairsensitive' though I'm not sure what that really means. I'd love to know if anyone else has ever had the voice thing.

I feel a bit weird writing this as it's nothing huge and sensational or particularly interesting also it's my first time.

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Deepthoughts (3 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2011-04-07)
I hear voices in my head at night time too... I thought maybe I had a mental illness. They speak to me like they are my friends... They just talk about normal things... Almost like they are lonely. I don't think they are ever the same person though. Just randoms. I was going to write my own thing on it as well as other things but they aren't letting anyone post new stories at the moment.

Anyway why I wanted to make a comment was my brother has told me he feels our grandfather with him at the moment. Out of his 5 grand children it seems he has chosen my brother who isn't as open to this kind of stuff as me or the younger ones. He's told me our grandfather will let him know when to go home from a party... Only to find out there was a big fight later... But he also tells him small things like to get off the road and stuff like that.

He has just entered the navy and I think he was guided by our grand father to do so. He's specialising in the same type of job as our grand father... Something that he was never interested in before.

Anyway I don't have any much to add... But I was worried because I thought maybe our grand father is with my brother because something horrible may happen to him as well... I'm just glad you had someone to guide you through your horrible experience!
A5 (2 stories) (144 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-22)
I get voices all the time, to the point that my head is no longer my own. Ghosts are usually pretty cool, so I don't mind them being there. Other times conversations from another room can be heard. Several times someone has said my name but I couldn't see anyone there.
You can talk to ghosts and see some of them, which is cool. I knew my uncle was dead in the same way a long time ago, but on few occasions have I seen spirits. I can feel that they're there and talk to them.
Your dad missed you and that's why he came back. If you haven't already done, try talking to him and other ghosts you run into. As you already know they're great to have around. For me they're easier to talk to than living people.
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-22)

What an amazing experience! I just commented on another story that mentioned hearing voices at night before bed. Many people seem to. There are certain periods when our bodies are relaxed and our minds tend to be more open to spirit; these are known as the "three Bs"; Bed, Bath, and Bus.

It seems that your grandparents are guiding you in this life--how wonderful that you trust your instincts and are open to their advice.

Thanks for sharing, peace and blessings
RookDygin (5 stories) (324 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-20)

We all start somewhere. 😊

Thank you for your story, if your up to sharing I for one would enjoy reading your experience involving your Grandfather...

As for the 'voices' you heard... It could be as simple as this... As you drifted off to sleep you somehow 'tuned in' to something happening someplace else... Perhaps this was a partial OBE or Astral Projection of some type... But in your case you only 'heard' things.

Please keep us updated and continue to share your experiences with us.



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