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Good Day Everyone,

This is my first time sharing my experiences with anyone other than my immediate family members. I think of myself as a sane, intelligent and rational individual so this is not easy for me. The truth is that I can no longer hide my experiences. I've had them since I was old enough to walk. When I was two years old, I saw my deceased baby brother. I was able to re-count this information to my mother when I was eight years old. I would see "dark" figures, hear voices and see things that were not there physically. I have been a visitor to this site for the past two years and many of the "things" that others have described are a reality for me.

It's difficult to talk to people who truly do not understand that a non physical world is more real than the world we live in. Lately I've heard my name being called by a voice that is unrecognizable. I cannot tell whether the voice is male or female.

I found out a few years ago that I was born with a veil or a caul over my face. According to my older relatives this may have something to do with why I've always been able to "see" and "feel" the non physical world. I've seen gnomes, faires and other entities. I absolutely HATE clowns! When I was younger (five or six years old), I would look at them and their faces would change to something demonic...

And this was before Stephen King's movie "It" I'm 42 years old so this happened well over 30 years ago. There are so many things I would like to share and I know I'm all over the place but it feels good to finally share my experiences to other like minded, mature adults. Thanks for your time and I would appreciate any advice and/or comments.



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dreamscape (2 stories) (15 posts)
10 years ago (2011-04-22)
ohh and I forgot to mention that I hear them calling my name all the time. I can tell that it is a either a male or female voice calling me though. I used to think that I was crazy but it just seems too obvious. I feel entities nudging on my clothes, someone giving me a slight push or brushing up on me to turn around and no one is there. One day my kids and I was at the mall. We were walking in one of the isles at Macy's, I heard a man's voice speaking something random and so close to me that I thought maybe I bumped into him. I turned around to apologize because he was that close to me and saw no one. I asked my girls if they heard the man talking next to us and they looked at me like this 😕 I jus said nevermind.
dreamscape (2 stories) (15 posts)
10 years ago (2011-04-22)
As I start to ne more in tune with my spiritual side. I start to remember encounters that happened to me in my childhood. Its as if someone is giving me these memories back to me for a reason. I guess to help me realize that I've always had abilities since I was a child. I remember waking up from napping. As I lie awake there, I see images of cartoon like characters bouncing around in my room over and over. When they finished trying to amuse me, then I see clowns laughing hesterically over and over in front of my face then disappear in thin air only to come back again the same way. This would go on for hours and I'm terrified as a child, not knowing what's going on. I cry and cry for a long time trying to find my way out into the living room or the hall way (almost seemed like it was refuge). I remember having a lot of nightmares seeing all these characters, things or images. Then I got older and the dreams got better, but then I started to see dead people in dreams. So I understand totally what you saw and went through as a child, trying to make sense of things and encounters.
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
10 years ago (2011-04-22)
It's more normal than society wants to acknowledge that people, kids especially, can pierce the veil of this dimension. For those kids who are not cultivated out of that ability, they grow up quite gifted. More and more people are becoming aware that there is more out in the universe than what meets the physical eye. How fortunate the new generation is to have the internet to allow them access to each other and a wealth of free information. I too am in my 40's and certainly didn't have that benefit growing up. I understand your feeling of isolation. And the more you advance in skills and other dimensional experiences, the more of an outcast you would become if you share it. Nice to have web sites like this one  I can't even share half my experiences with people because they are just too unusual.

I have a partial affinity to gnomes myself. I think they are drawn to people who are very emotionally close to the earth. I was meditating once and my third eye opened up and there was a gnome sipping tea in what looked like some type of very earthy environment, like middle earth. He told me to look at the lottery for seven days and it would be like looking at paper. So for seven days I went down to Safeway and looked at the lottery. On the seventh day, I astral projected, demanded to see the lottery numbers and up they popped, just like looking at paper (and they were correct). Gnomes help people who are nature lovers, or so that is what I've read, and I certainly know it to be true of myself. Little is more precious to me than earth and her beautiful inhabitants. I wouldn't be surprised if you were the same way.

I think the dark figures are what people usually call "Shadow people". I posted an article on this site about that.

Thanks for sharing!

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