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An Inexcusable Premonition I Had A While Back


One night, about 18 months ago, I just had my dinner with my family and I was heading to my bedroom, then suddenly I had an inexcusable feeling, like a spark in my head that kept on making me worry, about in days coming, someone familiar was going to get hit by a car or another vehicle.

I was extremely worried because I can usually predict events, I have had similar feelings before and I believe in stuff like this. I told my brother that I was going to take out my dog called Lara for a walk the next day and explained to him what I felt. Me and my brother have a really strong relationship (As in family relation) so I tell him everything (including secrets) so he was the first to know.

The next day nothing happened when I took out my dog, and no family members or friends got injured or involved in one but days following this premonition, an old women, who lived nearby was walking over a zebra-crossing meanwhile a careless car driver passing through the town (actually a big village) accidentally hit this old women, she went into hospital and passed away later that day, I don't believe this is coincidence because I have never heard about a car crash in the town I live in, I don't believe in coincidences that much and I believe that I have the 6th sense and it is rarely mistaken

Feel free to comment, I'll happily reply and read your posts (If you've got any) but please no rude, insulting or nasty comments

My email address is stuartmcgavin [at], it's a yahoo email

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ButterflySpirit (1 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2011-04-23)
Hi! I followed your advice and read your story. Your gifts remind me so much about how I started out! You will only become more and more powerful as time goes on. Trust me 😊. If I were you I would start meditating. There are tons of free internet resources on how to do this. I usually use ear plugs and do it in my room, but if you could find a quiet place outside that might be especially peaceful. If you have any questions for me, feel free to comment on my story again. Good luck and blessings!
Lara_Usha (2 stories) (35 posts)
11 years ago (2011-04-23)
Hi there. I think it's funny that I have the same name as your dog. By the way, I'm just getting used to this website, but it's really great, because most of us are in our teens- I'm 15 years old. Anyway, I think you can see the future. This is a good ability to have. It may help you out some day. Anyway, hopefully your brother believes you. It's nice to have someone to talk to about your abilities. Anyway, Good Luck! (or as we say in theatre, Break a Leg!) 😊

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