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Can I See And Hear Spirits?


I'm an average everyday 16 year old boy. I think I am anyway.

This happened 2 years ago when I was 14, I'm not sure weather this was before my granddad had passed, or after, but it was around the time. It was just a normal day, everybody in my house was in bed, so was i. After about 5 minutes of lying in bed something whispered in my ear and said my name, it was SO clear as if somebody was standing right next to me, I thought it was just my sister, however it didn't sound like her, so I went into her room and asked her what she wanted, however she was asleep. I got back into bed and within a few minutes, the same voice whispered into my ear and said my name, I then started to get scared so I got back out my bed and shouted at my sister to stop it, however she then started to shout at me for waking her up. Now I was really scared and got back into bed, again within a few minutes, the same voice again!, directly into my ear, said my name!. I then shot out of my bed and started to cry, I busted into my sisters room and started shouting at her again, she then started to shout at me again but realized that I wasn't joking because I was crying so much. She then got scared and by this time, my mum and dad woke up, my mum said that she would sleep in my bed and that me and my sister could sleep in her room with my dad. We were seriously so scared.

Since then everything has been fine however I have had a few other experiences but I won't go into those.

Now that I am 16, for about the last 10 months I have been seeing these white blurs, there hard to explain. Sometimes they are small and other times they are big. They come straight across my eye site and when I try to look for what it is, I can't find it, they move quickly and in different directions. Its hard to explain there shape, sometimes they are round and other times they are lines. The most recent one (about 2 hours ago) came from behind me, moved up then right then down and then I lost it.

I can't choose when I see these things, they just appear randomly. Anybody have any idea what they are? And how I can control it?

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hug100 (126 posts)
11 years ago (2011-04-25)
They are spirits and are either trying to get your attention or just messing with you. Next time you see them ask them what do they want. If they run off they are messing with you then tell them to go away. I've seen my share of white and black figures and quite a few have tried messing with me as well. 😉

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