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Am I A Psychic Or Medium?


I'm 15 and I suffer from epilepsy. For three years they've been trying to figure out what's causing them and no medicine has been able to stop them. When I have a seizure I feel like I'm dreaming and stare off.

I get weird smells and feel as though I could puke sometimes. The smells are usually something familiar that I can't place. It's a very distinct smell that's not good or bad. My doctor says it's an aura. Sometimes I feel really sad, really happy, or really tired afterwards. One time, I had one and afterwards I felt really sad about nothing and was crying. Then a wave of happiness came over me and I started laughing. I wasn't sure if my seizure could be caused from spirits around me. I've seen ghosts before and I'm always able to sense if someone else who I can't see, is in the room with me. One time, I burned incense and saw a woman beckoning me closer and waving me towards her after a few minutes of slight meditation. I couldn't see what the woman looked like very well because there was all light behind her. I heard the words "it's ok" whispered over one another and the vision stopped when I opened my eyes. When I was finished, I felt out of breath. I have also had the impression that I spoke to my grandpa who died a year ago. I couldn't smell him but I felt he was present almost like it was a smell. I whispered to him and I never heard him but I could tell if he agreed or disagreed. He stayed with me on and off for a day or two until I finally told him to leave me alone until I need him. It sounds kind of rude but during school I'd get distracted because I'd sense him really close.

What could this mean? Do you think I could be psychic or a medium? Do you think there's any correlation between seizures and psychic stuff?

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iScorpio (guest)
11 years ago (2011-11-06)
First off- Psychis and mediums are different. Psychics are more like reading the body or doing missing persons cases...

Mediums are simply someone who 'talk to dead people'. If you hear them psychically, you are a medium.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-05)
Your doctor is right. You are smelling auras. Each one of us has a scent attached to their aura. You can smell auras. I can too. That's how I know who's visiting me by their scent. You are fortunate to have a doctor who is aware of these things.
So, as you may know by now, you have a few spirits that come to you when you have a seizure. They seem to care very much about you. They also may be your guardians to. Try not to be so hard on them. They only want to watch after you and help you in your time of need. Hope this helps.

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