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My best friend and I always hang out like 24/7, we used to cheer together for about two years and we both attended gymnastics when we were little. My best friend can be kind of be like normal friends I guess, but she has her moments just like everyone else but it's weird because it's like we share a mind or something. We think alike. When I say we think a like it's just like hearing myself think. We both say the same exact thing at the same time.

It's super weird and it doesn't happen just like once it happens all the time and its pretty creepy. Like one time we were at her cousin's house and we were both there eating and at the same time we were like "It feels like I'm in a mansion" but it happens like with song lyrics too like out of nowhere we start singing the same exact line. Or if I'm thinking of something she says it but like not on purpose you get what I'm saying. It's just so weird and we aren't related at all and we look somewhat alike and when we walk in halls we walk with the same foot it's like where robots or something.

The only thing that's opposite is that she's a lefty and I'm a righty but I mean everything else is the same and whenever I'm hungry she's hungry or like it's just weird and I know I have said that a billion times but it is. But any how every time it happens I feel that we need to see someone or do something cause it get weirder. So can anyone explain what's going on cause I would love to hear. Is it something major little can it increase decrease just please let me know.

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