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Guide? Angel? I'm Not Sure


This happened a while back. I was dreaming. This is not a dream interpretation. I was visited in a dream (or more accurately, I visited someone else) and I need help understanding who this person is.

I was in a beautiful city with mosaic-looking rocks covering the ground and buildings. It looked like it was part of both the past and the future at the same time somehow. Everything was in artfully mixed shades of tan, yellow, etc., and lights seemed to shine from the very objects themselves. As soon as I was in the dream, I could tell that a) I was dreaming, and b) I had dreamed this dream before. I had never remembered having this dream in my waking life, but when I was in the dream, I could recall every dream perfectly. It was not repetitive. It was just the same place, same person. I knew where I was, and I knew where I had to go.

I followed a road down to the place where I usually meet her, and I knew the city like it was my own small town. She always met me in the same place, but it was very strange. Rather than being a building, it was actually a place under the ground, open to the sky. It was circular, like a small cylinder, made of the same mosaic-like stones as the rest of the city, and there was a white ledge that covered about a quarter of the top of the room. There were no stairs to get in, you just had to drop off of the ledge. The walls seemed to glow with that strange, nonelectrical light that everything in the city had. Around the room, there were strange objects, most of them emitting smoke, light, or some fume. (One looked kind of like some type of cauldron.)

She looked up at me. "I think you're forgetting someone," she told me. I went back down the roads to get my dog, Chloe, who normally started out with me in the beginning, but waited for me on the same street when she didn't. I showed up to get her, and one of my other dogs, Fancy was there too. Another lady who watched Chloe when she was not with me was sitting in front of her house. She smiled and waved when I showed up, then I picked up the dogs, thinking that the lady had probably brought Fancy for a reason.

When I reached the circle room again, I realized I had a problem. It was a pretty far jump, and I couldn't brace myself against the ground with a miniature dachshund under each arm. I called to her, wanting help, but she was too far down to be able to do anything. Eventually, I just decided to drop. I was dreading the pain that was sure to shoot through my legs when I hit the ground, but there was no pain. Then, I remembered that I never felt pain here. I also remembered that in my previous visits, I always feared the drop, before I remembered it didn't hurt.

I had never introduced myself in any of my dreams, but she had already known who I was, and Chloe too. She had never met Fancy before, but as soon as she saw her she called her by name: "Fancy, you need a rest, too, don't you?" Chloe had already curled up on the warm stones, so Fancy went to join her.

I didn't know her name, but I didn't need to. She could sense my thoughts and my needs. I started to think about how I was hungry, and she made a comment on my hunger and then went and got me food. She was a skinny older lady, but she still seemed lively and energetic. She had short gray hair and laugh lines on her face. And she was constantly busy. If she wasn't having an in-depth conversation with me, she was flitting about the room, adjusting her strange objects, making sure the dogs were comfortable, making sure I had everything I needed.

We talked until around noon. Then, she asked me if I had everything with me. Just random items that I might need or want (ie: toothbrush). I answered no to all, and she responded "Well, that's too bad, because we're leaving now." She told me we were going "home" and I understood what she meant. "Chloe and Fancy too?" I asked. She said yes, and then I protested that I wasn't ready. I asked to go get some items from my house, and she reluctantly agreed, but told me to hurry. The dogs stayed in the circular room, and I went back to my house.

I don't remember the trip, but I was there. As soon as I was back in my room, it was like I reentered my body. Suddenly, it wasn't my dream-self getting ready, it was my conscious-self struggling to fight back the tiredness and finish getting ready. I eventually got up and started getting ready to leave. It was the same time in real life that it was in my dream--noon. Once I started getting ready, though, I realized that now that I was awake, I didn't know where the circular room was anymore.

This isn't my normal dreaming. I was conscious, and it felt like the lady was too. Is she my guide? Is she an angel? My guardian angel, perhaps? Or maybe I was astrally projecting. I never thought that I was an astral projector, but maybe I left my body and found this place, where I met a kind spirit, multiple times. Does anyone have any ideas? Advice? The "going home" part made me think she was an angel, but I might have been wrong.

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darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
10 years ago (2013-08-13)
I do not know if this pre birth exist not trying to offend anyone. If its real then how come I don't have one or remember it?
kittykat6 (4 stories) (45 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-18)
I had never thought about the possibility of this being a parallel or past life. I had always focused more on the woman than the place itself. That seels like a good explanation though. I will take your advice and meditate on it. Thank you.
TheReturningWinter (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-18)
I usually have the same dreams, but in a more troubled world. I think my subconscious is converting negativity into a dream form for me to combat. Other times they are peaceful. Every full moon, the denizens come alive and attempt to hound me. It is like a nightmare recurring. Parallel life is a good explanation. Past life is quite good too. I think you should try meditating on her. Perhaps she is someone you once knew, or someone you will know. The two dogs of yours may be an effort to assert some sense of home, or maybe the woman is linked.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-04-18)
One possibility is that it's not only the place you were from prior to birth but where you'll go after you die. We all come from higher dimensions and some that are fortunate can dream about their prior home. I do this from time to time and meet people I know as well as those in my current incarnation. I know everything as well as I do here. And it's not vibrationally like earth so we can do things not physically possible (float, fly, drop without injury, read thoughts, etc.)

I don't know if she was your guide per se but an old friend. One that you will see again. Sometimes our friends incarnate with us, sometimes they don't.

Another explanation is that this is a parallel life that you are living. It's very hard to tell which one it is (pre birth life or parallel life). I can shift between this one and the next and when I shift, this memory fades and the other comes into focus, and visa versa when I return. The same people in this life will be in that one. They are running in tangent. Fascinating stuff. Since your current dogs were with you, this may be a parallel life. I always say, in these other realms, there is no sign that says, "you are here". All we can do is follow the clues.

I asked about a month ago before sleep to see where I was from prior to birth and I ended up in the most gorgeous scene imaginable. Pure, clean, natural and harmonious. So different than the now polluted and negative earth.

Thanks for sharing.

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