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I was wondering if I'm psychic or not. I think I'm psychic because sometimes I remember a line, part or a song in a specific episode of a specific show for example, I remembered this part from icarly: "I'm sorry for painting your lips blue" (girl) " I'm sorry for painting your lips red" (Spencer) " want to make purple?" then later the episode of icarly nickelodeon aired was the episode with that part. Sometimes I think of a word or topic then that topic is being featured in nat geo or one of my conversations. Like this one, I have always been interested in the anastasia nikolaevna story, then one day I saw this episode about that story in nat geo. After a few days, we went to this place where they sell second hand books and I saw these two books about anastasia too, that couldn't be a coincidence right? I think I'm a bit psychic because my grandma and her grandma are psychic so I think that their abilities can be passed down to another family member and I think I'm one of them but my aunt and cousin could see ghosts, my other cousin has visions, which made me think that maybe all those things were just coincidences. Then when I was at school, me and my friends were playing this game were you try to guess what object, color, number or name the it is thinking, I kept answering and I was right for like 5-7 times in a row. Also my birthday is on march 23 and after my birthday, I kept seeing the number 23 everywhere, on a vandalized wall in school or on a vehicle, I was thinking that maybe those numbers mean something that's connected to me, I just don' know what. I have been experiencing these when I was at the time of my puberty, none of those happened when I was younger. Will someone please tell me, am I psychic or not?

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RevSilverson (103 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-20)
psychic gifts are passed down genetically though sometimes they are on the female or male side only or skip a generation. What you describe in your post is synchronicity where you think anastasia and then all these anastasia things happen. This is a form of precognition although these happenings are saying PAY ATTENTION TO ME in a loud way. There is something important about them so pay attention and stay focused. They are going to reveal something to you. Whatever you learn if not immediately obvious, store away for future use.

Love and light... Always

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