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Dream Come True Or Just A Coincidence?


I knew that I was dreaming. I had accompanied my mother to a picnic. I remember seeing the bus of a certain school, and remember buying a bottle of Pepsi. My mother had asked why I hadn't bought two bottles, and I had replied that one bottle would work. Then, I remember walking through a stony path to a room and one of my mother friend and colleague, emerge out of it. I also remember playing badminton with him. But my dream ended, there.

After a couple of weeks, I had forgotten about the dream, when the topic of my Mom's annual College Staff picnic came up, and she asked me to accompany her. We went to the countryside, and I walked the same mile that I did in my dream, to buy Pepsi. When I returned to the resort, I remember seeing the yellow school bus, with the name of the same school I had seen in my dream. (The name of the school is not mentioned for obvious reasons) Then Mom asked me the same question, "Why didn't you buy two?". I replied, "One would work." That's when the memory of my dream hit me. I stuttered and sat down. But, she asked me to get the same colleague I had seen in the dram. I asked, "Where is he?" She told me his room number and directions to get to his room. (The resort was built over a huge area, so each room was a cottage and veiled by wilderness). I walked down a gravely path. And, then, when I was about to knock, the guy just walked out. Later, he came up to me told that everyone was playing badminton, and asked if I wanted to join. I did.

I don't know what to make of this dream. Honestly, I don't believe I'm psychic. But, this was too real to be just a coincidence. I suspected that I dreamt a similar thing, about a picnic and my mom and her colleague popped into it. And, when I really went to the picnic, my mind made up things, and made me believe that I had a premonition, or whatever. But, I recalled the dream and the incident again and again, but the facts remain the same. I saw in dreams exactly what I did later. I mean, it could have just me doing stuff like I saw in a dream. But, how do you explain the bus, the resort and my Mom asking to fetch the guy? HELP!

Some additional information, I have lucid dreams. Sometimes, I have normal dreams, which I cannot control, and then I have lucid dreams, where I can make things pop up, or travel and fight. Or change a nightmare, into a happy dream, by ensuring a happy ending. Sometimes I sleepwalk. My mom sometimes finds me sleeping on the couch, or under the bed (LOL...!), and once, I woke up huddled next to her. When I was younger, I used to have the same dreams over and over again. Even, now, I often dream the same things. I checked that the real picnic event was indeed real, and not just a very, VERY vivid dream.

I would be grateful, if someone helps me!


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avawhitlock (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-24)
Thank you for the replies...
I was afraid, most would brush me off...


This dream of mine is the only one that I lived out... 😕...

I had others, but for some reason, I can't remember... I am racking my brains...But, its coming empty...

I recall that I experienced another similar situation, which I had seen in a dream...But, I can NOT remember neither the dream, nor the real experience...

I'm not forgetful... At all... And I usually remember my dreams...

Lately, I have been having these strange dreams... They feel so real... Right down to even the minute details...And, I can always control them... But that's probably just lucid dreaming...

And, is it weird if I have a dream, while I am already dreaming...? I mean, I'm not sure how to describe it... A dream in a dream... 😕

No, I am not obsessed with Inception...

P.S.: Thank you for giving me your email address...:D...I swear I won't spam you...:P


No offense, but that's a really weird name...But, its cool...

Anyway, this has been the only instance I have had a precognitive dream that I recall...But, as I stated earlier... I remember having other such dreams and living them out...But, can't recall the dreams or the experiences... Its like there's a blank spot in my memories...

And, your answer helped...

And, for additional information, some of dreams are very repetitive...And, I can pick back up where I stopped... (suppose I was woken up)

How can I work on my dreams?
Tera (32 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-22)
I have the same experiences. I'll have a dream one night, and the next day, or even weeks later that will happen. It's very helpful in ways. If you practice at it you can remember it longer, and even memorize entire conversations. The latter can be fun because it gives you more time to come up with 'witty banter' as my friend calls it. 😉
These future dreams are so helpful in so many ways. Don't doubt them. If you work on them enough (pay attention and acknowledge they're there) and develop them enough they'll start coming more often and clearer.
Got to go right now but you can email me at alliania.energies [at]
gojii (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-21)
I honestly have no real answers to your question, since I have only just begun to learn and refine my abilities. I would, however, love to share my similar experiences with you.

Is this the only instance you have had with precognitive dreams? I have always been very good at feeling or very quickly catching a glimpse of an answer, or sizing up someone's emotions. I have several things like this that occur that make me believe maybe I have some minor abilities, but some of my strongest so far have been when I dream. I have always been very interested in premonitions and find that my precognitive dreams come at random. I would say that many times it is more of a déjà vu instance with seemingly insignificant daily things, but once in a while I have very vivid (sometimes horrific) dreams that happen within the week. I have only had three of these very intense precognitive dreams in about six years.

The first dream I remember having was about one of my friends in middle school about six years ago. A group of friends and I were laughing in the gym at our goofball friend who had playfully climbed atop a ledge. All of the sudden she fell and we all gathered around her in a circle. We continued laughing assuming she was faking, but soon realized she was actually hurt. The dream ended with the group carrying her off while I stood in shock watching. Like you, I shrugged it off as a strange dream and soon forgot about it. Later that day, the exact same thing happened. It wasn't until the mood turned grim as we stood silently looking at her turning pale on the floor that I remembered my dream.

The next dream I had was about seven months ago. I was walking through the hall of my university and I saw a really tiny mouse scurry by looking desperately for a way out. It was a very quick and realistic dream. It happened EXACTLY as I had dreamt it. The funny thing about it is the night before I was actually trying to figure out what my spirit animal was.

The latest dream that I had was this past January a few days before Kathleen Edwards passed away. This dream was about my best friends that I have known for 13 years. Her name is also Kathleen. In my dream, I saw a glimpse of a newspaper article stating that Kathleen was dead. I was immediately overcome by grief and frantically ran around town trying to find her funeral. Finally I found it and tried to enter only to be stopped by men at the door. They wouldn't let me in, stating that I was not allowed to join since I did not know her. I was crying and screaming, "No, this is my Kathleen. We have been best friends ever since we were nine. I've known her for years." Still they blocked me from entering and continued to say, "This is not your Kathleen. This can't be your Kathleen. She is only nine. This is NOT your Kathleen." I woke up crying that night, and a couple days later on Wednesday, I read an article on Yahoo News that a nine-year-old named Kathleen Edwards passed away the night before.

So like I said earlier, I have no real answers for you, only my own experiences. I am also currently seeking answers for myself. You very well could have some abilities and just you just need to build them more. This is what I am trying to do as well and I am open to any suggestions. I find that these episodes of déjà vu and dreams are more prevalent when I am aware of my possible abilities. If I forget about them, they tend to be shrugged off as coincidence. I am sorry for the rant! I am just excited to share my story with someone who has had similar experiences.

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