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Throughout my life I have experienced different things. When I was a teenager, I had dreams that came true the next day. Different places and conversations that I had with my friends. It used to freak them out, so I kept it to myself. I always had the feeling that there was something bigger out there.

I always knew when things were going to happen. Either good or bad.

About a year ago, I visited a friend's home and sensed several spirits and all of what I had blocked off as a teenager came back twice fold. I now can communicate with people that have passed. It is usually with strangers and bring messages to them. I do not have this gift with people that are close to me. I can tell them what is going to happen, by instinct I believe.

I have several guides and angels that are with me. Some come and stay for a while and then go on to help someone else. I believe that they help me to communicate with people that have passed. There is one that seems to stay with me to protect me. My grandchildren have also seen him and somehow they know that he is just watching over them.

I also have a sense of when there is an evil presence. I turn and walk away or am unable to enter a home or building when I sense this. I also sense when people are good and when they are evil.

I joined a ghost hunting group 2 months ago. We visit houses that have had noises and different things happening. I use my skills to communicate with the people that once lived there. It has helped, but I seem to bring different spirits home with me and am not comfortable with this.

Has anyone else had these experiences and if so, I would really love to know how to develop my skills.

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Cheryll (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-21)
Thank you both. It has realy helped knowing that I am not alone or going crazy. I do sense a lot of changes and feel like something big is going to happen. There seems to be a lot more activity.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-20)
I have to say since a kid I felt different presence
Around. I sensed dark and light.
With people whom are dark scurry away
And not look me in the eyes.

I took a few mediumship courses but did not like
Them because I had spirits invade my dreams.

It has only been the last 2-3 years I have been working
With spirit release.
Previous years I helped them by talking and sensing
Or seeing what kept them here.
When I have energy I look into the cause as
To why and help them.

My guides and Gabriel angel, help with the process of elevating their vibrations, once in a while I get Angel Michael.
I like yourself have a few guides. But initially there were
The healer guides.
I believe it just comes with the work.

I have a good friend whom does has done spirit release
For 6-7 years and she has many guides and works with a few

There have been a lot of people having spirits come
To them lately on this site within the last few weeks.

In actuallity as you continue you will just unfold
More and more. The energy is very high this year
And will excell, so just get ready.

I only get the feeling that many discarnate souls
Are getting help from us and this is part of the
Devine plan during this age we live in.

But people reading this should bear in mind.
That in helping people cross over we do not have
To have loads of guides. If one sees or senses
They can still help cross a soul over into the light.

If you want to ever talk just email me.
Click onto user name and send me an email.

What I use: daily is meditation, chanting, clearing
My chakras with some protection, other items.
An awareness of spiritual shifts helps in managing our
Own energy.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-04-19)
I have taken classes from the very gifted Pam Coronado. The environment is very friendly and open. The nicest people really. It's actually not expensive either. I get no commission, just saying her classes helped me. Http://

I also wrote an article on her here:

You can also practice remote viewing through my other webpage and it's free:

In summary, any kind of practice is going to help open your third eye. There is another link too on how to develop your skills:

Hope these links help!

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