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Once when I was on a long drive to see family and we were driving on this road down a street nearby. I was looking out the window at one of those low fences in a grassy strip down the center of the road. I saw the fences and the houses, it then felt like I was at my home town or somewhere closer to home and I was on my way home. But the weird thing was in my home town/city there was one of those fence things and the houses weren't nearly the same. I suddenly realized I was not going home and I was not nearby and I shook my head and the feeling was gone. Is this psychic? Am I going crazy? Or is this déjà vu?

A few days ago now I was walking to my desk to get a pen and when I reached in I felt myself shock the desk. I have shocked stuff and people without knowingly touching anything with static electricity first, but yet I randomly shock people and desks ((objects). Why?

My parents are saying I am more tuned into people. Like my sibling had this friend how I always thought was really mean and rude, but hid it well. I always told my sister that her friend was not very nice. But she just would not listen (probably because they were really close friends). Then a few years of so later they were no longer friends and she said that here previous friend was not very nice to her. So apparently I am more tuned into people than others. What do you think, am I more tuned into people or psychic?

(I am not very good at explaining)

Are these just coincidences, weird happenings or just odd?

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darkmoonlight (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-31)
Thanks everyone! 😁 I am glad you took the time to read through it!
DerekRene (3 stories) (20 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-31)
Reading over your first story sorry if it may seem disappointing but that happens to be déjà vu. If you've traveled that road before you will remember the fence or even in your own hometown.
As for your desk that may possibly static most people conduct it in class by dragging their feet. Don't feel offended because I'm taking it from a skeptics view and psychics. The shock could be relating to a paranormal disturbance with the desk it could be linked to someone or something. Now your sister's friend that is showing you are sensitive to people around you which can lead into further psychic or empathic experiences.
SPR001 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-30)
I think you have a high sensitivity to people and objects that connect with paranormal things. I am basically the same way with most of the things you described. The first one you talked about was déjà vu.

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