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Story Of Ash


I have always felt different. I would sense people's emotions before they said anything. I could just "read" them. My whole life I have consulted with my inner gut feeling or spirit guide. I grew up in North Dakota but my linage traces to the middle Eastern Europe Czech Romanian Lithuanian and Polish. I will get into that in a moment. The very first experience I had with precognition was one night I was riding around with a group of friends. There was about three or four of us in the pick-up. Where we were in is called Bowbells North Dakota it is an extremely small town.

As we rounded the corner by the park I had this overwhelming feeling to tell my friends to buckle up "buckle up, buckle up guys" as they finished buckling up all of a sudden we had lights going off behind us. A state trooper pulled us over and he walked up to the truck and did the whole spiel license registration ect. After he ran my friends info he walks back up the car and proceeds to say to us "the real reason I pulled you over is because I wanted to make sure you where wearing your seat belt. Then a few weeks after that I was with the sister of one of the girls that night and we were headed to Stanley ND. As we hit the outskirts of my home town my friend began to pick up speed all of a sudden I began to get a feeling again and told her to slow down just as she hit the speed limit about a 1/2 mile up the road a group of deer ran across the highway - significant possibly.

Okay here's where it gets a bit strange. As a child I have always had an interest in the story of Dracula and witches and gypsies so on history as well. As I got older I just became more drawn to the historical figure Vlad the Impaler who Bram Stoker based his charter and book "Dracula". As I was doing research on him for a speech class in HS (naturally) I discovered his father belonged to the "House of Basarab" which is my mother's maiden name. Spooky eh no I was really excited about it and I jokingly said to my mom "hey I bet we are related" She dismissed me of course I mean I don't blame her. A few years ago she calls me up and said "Hey so I have some interesting news for you. Your grandfather has been researching our history and guess what Vlad is your forever great uncle." I wasn't surprised because I just knew it like within myself.

I can see peoples auras. I have seen orbs blue yellow red ones with specks of black.

January of this year for a week and 1/2 whenever I would stay over at my boyfriend's house I would be in the bedroom and I felt like I was being watched nothing menacing but like unwanted in the room and at night when I closed my eyes I would see a shadowed man standing on the screened in porch. I would see this in my mind's eye. After the week and 1/2 someone actually stood on the ground level fence cut the screen to his porch hopped up and walked around up there while we where both out - thank goodness neither of us were there at the time.

A few weeks after that our friend was over and we were headed out to go on a walk I was grabbing a hoody and we where all just talking all standing right outside of the bedroom we all just got quiet and the area became almost somber and our friend was like" woah you guys feel that?"

That's when I confessed I felt it all the time in the bed room and I told them about the Shadow Man and how I felt like something was going to happen on the porch. After I told them my boyfriend confessed he had seen the shadow too.

Obviously I have some sort of extra sense I just want to learn to control it and develop it. I find I become exhausted after being around people for long periods of time.

I have done some research on my end but I wish to seek the right answers and the correct way to handle what it is that is going on! I know this is long but I do seek help! I wanted to be as thorough as possible.

Again any thoughts or guidance would be much appreciated.

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girl_with_the_shadow (3 stories) (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-04)
Is your name Ashley or Ashton? I just had a feeling to ask, probably wrong but doesn't hurt to try. 😁

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