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Stepping Out In Dreams


I was 15yrs old and was a U.S.O. Volunteer, I volunteer in my home island of St Thomas. I was going to school and volunteering, now seeing spirits was normal for me, but this was something new. I remember waking up and remembering my dream, that night. I remember dreams but this one was very different.

I was sleeping and I looked back and there I was laying in my bed, seconds later I was walking down the waterfront which looks like Italy, I say that because I heard Italian and the surrounding. I was more focus on the 4 men heading towards me, Sailors from the U.S. Enterprise, an Aircraft Carrier I had not seen on the island yet. Looking at their baseball type hat, I read it as I got close. They saw me and said Hi and I looked at them, they turned and said, "we are going to go down this alley, I heard of a good bar straight through here." talking amongst themselves it's a shortcut they said.

"No, don't go there one or all of you won't make it out" the guys stopped. "OK don't get upset" I blocked them, "Don't" 3 headed the long way, one descent down the alley, I was in front of him. "Don't" he ignored me and continue. I woke up.

That bugged me for a few days. Fast forward 6months working behind the grill in the U.S.O. As I turned the grill over to my sister who volunteered also. I went outside for a breath of fresh air.

As I stood by the door to let the other ladies know I would be right outside, a group of sailor just off the boat entered the building, "It's her, Oh my God. It's our Angel! 2 seconds later I found myself being hugged by 3 men, with tears in their eyes. "Thank you so much for saving our lives, I only wish John had listen. Even after you try and stop him, we stepped back and we felt push back. So we went the long way. The next morning they found him stuffed in a barrel, he was buried in his hometown."

It flashed on me my dream wasn't a dream after all. I told the men, I have never been to Italy except in a dream. We all sat outside and talked for awhile. That was over twenty years ago, it only happen once after that, but never as profound as that. It still scares me a bit today, and mentally I think I don't do it, suppose I don't get back or something slips in while I was away, but glad I could help the sailors who listened.

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LeeannMinton (1 stories) (14 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-10)
I've used astral projection to check in on people, and at one point I did have a boyfriend who sensed that I had looked in on him one evening. I had done so, because I knew he had trouble sleeping I myself go through phases where I need little too no sleep so I will often meditate or project myself out to check on those I care about in exchange of sleep. I had done this one evening and he had asked me about it the next day. I had thought it odd that he had been able to sense my presence as I was not aware this was possible. Thanks for you story.
Snydead4576 (2 stories) (20 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-09)
That is astral projection or also known as out of body experience. Thats been something i've been quite interested in researching and seems like a cool thing to do. There are techniques that some people can do to give themselves and out of body experience and its almost like being in a state of meditation. I have been trying to have an out of body experience my self but never could do that. Thats really cool. =)
Mubashir (285 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-09)
Wow that was really awesome. Looks like you astral projected. Astral projection looks like a dream but its not. Its quite unique that you were able to help the sailors like that. I think most of the people can't see the astral body unless you have taken some shape in the real world. I don't know if I have ever astral projected or not but I remember few experiences from past. I had my maths paper and I lost my calulator the week before my test. I was pretty worried and so I slept all of a sudden, then I woke up but the colors were black and white. I could see everything in different colors. So I started searching for the calculator. Then after sometime I could see a small light that was the same as my calculator. Then I went there and it was there in the dishes cabnet. I had no idea what it was doing there so I tried to remember its location. When I woke up and things were colorful I wondered I was awake by now so how come I woke up again. Well I remembered the location and it was there in cabnet. At that time I had no idea about astral projection so I didn't know what happened so I didn't tell that to anyone. One another is just this morning when I woke up more like it was just a dream. In that I went outside for a walk and I kind of wished that I could fly then don't know what happened I suddenly turned into a dragon and started flying. At that time I could hear very high pitch sound and could see very bright energy around me. To be honest I was having really fun flying around. Then I saw my body sleeping in my room. I said if my body is down there then what am I doing in the sky. Lol Then I went down and reached my room. Then I woke up for real. I still remember it and still feeling pretty excited. Oh sorry for bringing up my stories like that. Anyways its really awesome that you have such awesome ability. Keep working on it and help out as many people as possible. Take care and bye. 😁 ❤

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