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Not sure what to make of a lot of things in life, I guess that's why it exists? But I'm one who has asks a lot of question. In general, but more so about those that can't really be answered for sure. My experiences can be counted on one hand, but sometimes it would seem a lot more subtle answers lie within the big questions, and maybe it's all about learning to listen? I dunno, but I do have a couple of things I'd like to share, and maybe an answer if there's is one.

About 10 years ago, I had 2 out of body experiences. And I can say without a doubt, that they are something of significance, and most certainly deserve further, serious study. I'm a very grounded and rational sort of person who won't believe something simply because someone took the time to write it. (I won't disbelieve automatically either) but it usually takes some convincing with me. I don't talk about them with anyone as it would seem nearly everyone won't even listen, or rationalize them simply as dreams. WITHOUT doubt, they are not! I know the difference! And anyone else who has had the good fortune of being OOB, would also certainly agree. I also believe in what people on here refer to as "Spirit guides" or whatever. I believe that they are the answer, for when something just feels right. When a decision you've made for no apparent real or logical reason, I believe they've influenced you. And I also believe they are the key to happiness here on earth. If we were able to listen to them more often, instead of all the crap that goes on in front of our eyes and other senses, in the real world, then I think personal happiness would be much more achievable. I've read about people stating that we simply need to ask for their help, in a relaxed state, and we can have direct contact. Possibly. Now, I've been asking for such help for the past few nights after reading that, and 2 nights ago, in that state where you're neither awake or asleep I felt someone tap me 3 times on my foot. I am single, there is no one in the bed next to me. There was no-one in my room as it was 3 maybe 4am and my door was closed as I had left it. It caused me to wake up to full attention, and there was absolutely no one there! I had been consciously asking for their help or guidance in the time leading into sleep, but was in full REM sleep as it happened, or beginning to wake as stated. It was odd! I have no idea what or who it was, but it most definitely happened and I was not simply dreaming. But I also have no idea what to make of it. Whether or not it actually means anything or simply someone or something trying to just let me know that they're there. I've been having some general life troubles lately. And I've needed some answers, but I also wonder if it's simply myself letting myself believe. But I also believe that I know the difference between belief, and reality. And it would seem to be the latter.

Also, I HATE confrontation. I'm not sure I'd put it down to cowardess, but I simply hate the thought of offending people, and other people doing the same to others. I feel very uncomfortable when arguments are about to present themselves, and often suffer myself in order to keep the peace. I hate that I do this, because it would seem to get me nowhere but at the same time, the feeling can be overwhelming. It may just be my nature, but I began to ask questions after reading about empaths, and simply dismissed as a "no, it can't be that" as it isn't like someone whispers to me or anything silly, more of just feeling. Which would seem to me, hard to explain to others. But with so many IGNORANT people in this world, who seem to just take, take and take, with no appearance of remorse or compassion, I wonder if I am just a little more sensitive to such emotions. Whether or not I'm being influenced indirectly. Or maybe those selfish people are just ignorant. Maybe it's just not their fault. I choose my friends VERY carefully, and you'll find genuinely good, well natured people, who, if have problems, manage to keep them in control. But I also seem to attract, emotionally damaged people, and it's driving me insane (not literally). But I lock myself away on most social occasions to avoid having to sort people problems out. Why do I feel the need to help everyone. I hate it, and then consequently feel like a bad person for avoiding social contact.

Just some thoughts, that I would never talk about with anyone I know, but there seems to be some very open minded people in here, with a lot more knowledge and experience than myself. If anyone has any thoughts of their own on the matters, I'd love to hear them:)

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Bleh (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-29)
Yep, I agree with a lot of what you had to say Anne. I do believe I'm just a little more sensitive than others. And I mean that in the literal way. I never thought for a moment I had any special powers... Just more of a little nancy boi... Haha... But the questions I'm asking is that, being that is my very general nature, why? Like... Why am I such a sensitive sort, and others not so. Like you say, maybe it's just underdevelopment.

I've thought for a while on a person or "beings" true age. Like... I'm 29 here, on earth. But maybe I'm a lot older in the big scheme of things. Like, as if something in my very distant past has made me this way, or influenced me I guess? So a persons age may not just be that of their time here on earth. Like these "twits" that I seem to find everywhere, could just be younger... Souls? I dunno... And it could maybe explain some people natural abilities in any given talent? Take Christiano Ronaldo for eg. Maybe he was a football player LONG LONG before this life, and those talents just flow through from a previous life. I do believe we have been here many times before. And could maybe explain how some people have adopted certain personality attributes. Some people would blame their everyday life situations for their negative attitudes, and yet, I've come across other people in far worse situations with an unbelievably positive attitude. I think it comes down to, as you say Anne, experience through development. Basic life principles could be applied to the entire entity experience?

Just some more thoughts...:)
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-27)
Bleh--[Wondering: Is this your current state of mind? 😜 ]

You've said many things that make sense to me.

For those who have had a conscious out of body experience, you KNOW that it is not like anything else, that it wasn't a mere "dream"--and no one will ever be able to convince you that you didn't have it. I too see OBEs as the capability to have access to the acquired knowledge of the multiverse! Yeah--a big deal. Of course we all have limits as to how much we can handle at once, but it is there.

I also trust in guides/helpers, and I have been going through an evolution on it as well.

I went through a long period of testing--i.e. "Are you there? If you are there, do X, Y and Z for me." After 90, 000 times, you would think they would be angry with us, but they don't seem to. At some point even I had to agree--why am I wasting all this communication with "are you there?" when I could be asking bigger questions.

I have always seen third eye stuff. As a child it was cloud kind of formations floating out of it. Sometimes the clouds were light or whitish. In the worst part of my childhood, they were red clouds.

They've been described as "thought forms" --thoughts about the day, our dreams in formation. I also see it as energy, because I often get too much energy in my head. My eyes are sensitive to light. It almost seems like my actual eyes and spiritual eyes sort of get cross-signalled, causing a build-up of too much energy in my head.

Anyway, I also see "orbs" there when I'm relaxed. I used to see four in the sort of same formation. So I thought, "Oh, I have four guides."

But then it would change. I have experienced a blue orb when I was engaged in doing something that is very much who I am--working with animals or plants or thinking about people I love. This Blue Pearl is supposed to be a representation of our higher self. It is supposedly "a way" to reach your higher self. But I've never been able to travel through it or anything else. I just witness them.

After a while I would see the orbs pop in when I was drifting off. If I started to visualilze Bringing Down the Light, I would actually see the light move through Third Eye. Or I would see one orb be bigger.

So then I thought, OK, at least one of these is ME.

But then, as I ask for help on issues, there were times when I would get almost like simplistic drawings--a word "Athens" and a drawing of a house.

I got a series of what seemed to be orbs in the same configuration every morning. I drew them, then did some Internet research. It was the star system of Bootes, where Arcturus is. I had been getting all kinds of Arcturus signs.

This kind of simplistic thing is, I realize, from my own sub-conscious. I can now tell the difference.

So--am I giving myself advice? Well, yes. Is my guide there? Well, yes. Has he/she developed into another form since I first "saw" him? I think so.

So then it becomes a moot point as to whether I am listening to guidance from my guide, from my inner intuition (which reads directly from Universal energy too), from my own subconscious. It's all the same piece--just connected in different or more comprehensive ways.

So--I get your questions. At some point you may find that you know what you know --and it doesn't matter how you envision the messages coming to you. These are only representations of energy anyway.

And that's the big point. We, as humans, are symbolic of energy. The mountains, the oceans--really only STAND for this huge force of energy there to serve us. And, in serving, can both create and destroy.

This went long but--don't feel lonely. And don't stop questioning. You will know when your questions have been answered and will just move on to a new question.

Keep on keeping on.

Isle - Lora
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-06-27)
I think wanting to avoid drama isn't so much an empath thing but something any well grounded and developed person would want to avoid. While conflict and differences are natural, arguments on the level of yelling or name calling (or worse) is indicative of underdevelopment. There is no line in the sand on being an empath. Most people with any kind of empathy towards others is going to have traits along those lines (dislike of chaos, need more alone time, feel other people's emotions, social self protection, etc). I don't know why people assume being an empath is "new age" but it's not. It just means you're more sensitive than others and have to take a few extra measures on taking care of your own space and energy.

We all have out-of-body experiences but we are mostly unconscious and think it a dream. The ones you have were of a lucid nature. The goal of course for any adept is to have mostly conscious journeys but this takes a life time of serious work to accomplish.

Well, I personally am not waiting for an external guide to be happy. That comes from within. Guides may very well be there for us but most people don't make significant contact (while some can write novels about their contact). I totally agree with you that people spend too much time focusing on exterior junk in their lives but each to his own.

When we take on the troubles of others, we are usually creating trouble for ourselves in some form or another. It's a definite skill to work with people who are crisis magnets. My sister has crisis in her life on a continual basis because she takes on the woes of those around her and it usually escalates into some huge drama because she hasn't yet learned how to deal with people of that sort. And that's okay. We are all unfolding as we're supposed to at the perfect time. Those "ignorant" people you speak of will get there eventually, just as you eventually will get to where you're ultimately supposed to be. Each person is working at their own pace, if even as slow as a slug.

It's too bad of those carefully selected friends you've made, that you cannot have a basic conversation about your spiritual development. In time...

Thanks for sharing.

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