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An Encounter With Spirit? Begins With Static In Ears


Sometimes during the early morning hours (usually after 3:30am) I'll be awake and I start to hear a zapping sound which reminds me of Jacobs Ladder - that thing you see in Frankenstein movies with the lightning bolts running up the pole with electricity zapping- (that's the sound that I hear).

I try to ignore it and go to sleep. If the static/zapping gets strong enough, it seems to "open up" and a voice starts talking to me. This has happened periodically for almost two years now. I never heard the "voice" until maybe six months after the zapping started. Up to that point, I thought we had a problem with our table fan except nobody else could hear that noise!

The first time I heard it (the voice) was one morning just before 6am (May 2011). Much of what "he" said was mumbled. I heard words like "Manhattan." and other mumbled sentences or random words. The mumbling went on for about a minute and then, I very clearly heard "I have so much I'm supposed to tell you" and he called me by name.

It scared the holy heck out of me! I could literally "feel" this "entity" standing right there in the room somewhere near the door. His voice faded away and I heard nothing else. When my son woke up just minutes later, I told him about it. His reaction: "Well that explains what I thought I just saw in the hallway!" He described a rather large man in a white robe. My son is 25 - a stock broker just out of college. He said that he came out of his room, looked to the right, saw "something," got "a little freaked" looked away, and looked back and it was gone.

My husband was going to be in Manhattan within a few days and the fact that the one word I heard was "Manhattan" worried me. Nothing happened. Hubby returned safely.

After that day, I hear nothing until several months later (August 2011). Same thing. I'm tossing and turning and trying to fall asleep. It's 3:30am. The static starts. I freak. I try to calm down, breathe, meditate. Suddenly, right next to my head, floating above me, I hear him say my name and ask me "are you awake?" Then he goes on and basically reminds me that life is short and that my hubby travels a lot, and that when he is with me, we need to make the very best of our time together - spend every moment appreciating the time we have together.

Now, I consider myself a pretty rational person. I'm in the health care field. I'm older, educated, but this is a totally new experience to me and let me tell you, I've got a bit of anxiety - no - make that a ton of anxiety over this whole new experience!

So, I find myself having a panic attack (again, something I've NEVER had). I call the doc. They run tests. I'm fine! Sure. I'm glad they think so.

How do you tell people that you're hearing voices and they're not coming from your head? People REALLY look at you funny.

So - over time, I think this spirit's name is Sam. I've seen a medium who tells me he's a nature spirit that accidentally got attached to me. Hm. Not sure about that. Could be I guess. I'm hearing voices, so anything is possible at this juncture!

I'm still just as frightened every time I hear that zapping. It has mostly occurred in the early morning hours in my bedroom, but one afternoon, I took a nap in the living room and I had an encounter right in the middle of the day!

It seems I have to be in a very relaxed state (to begin with at least). It helps if Sam has some type of energy source to work with such as a fan that is working nearby. Not sure why. Maybe it takes a lot of energy to speak. He didn't seem to need it that afternoon though.

The latest was yesterday morning. Sam told me he was pissed at the voices! How ironic! I'm assuming he was referring to a telephone conversation I had a few days earlier with a vendor. That conversation didn't go well. She was yelling and screaming at me and threatened to try to get me fired. I started lecturing her. It wasn't pretty.

I'm trying to figure out how not to be scared. I'm trying to figure out if I should trust this invisible entity. Is he good or evil? I know he seems good, but when somebody tells you "I have so much I'm supposed to tell you," there may be things we should not know or are not meant to know. It could be a devil's ploy. That's what makes me nervous. When the zapping starts I always pray to be surrounded in the white light of Jesus Christ and ask to be kept safe in the name of Jesus Christ.

What I have read about "true" spirit guides is that they tell you up front who they are and what their purpose is. This spirit did not do that. OR - I just never heard it because so many times what I hear is mumbled and I can't understand what the heck this spirit is saying!

Any comments? Suggestions? Do I relax and open up and Trust?

Thanks all comments would be greatly appreciated

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Tak_the_Unformed (1 stories) (15 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-25)
I always listen to what the voices say, and I never think too hard if I believe it or not. It is never good or evil it is always just energy, and if you are aware of your ability to be the toughest energy in the room you never have a reason to fear. I have found that just like advice from any source sometimes its good and sometimes it aint worth much more time than a listen and a laugh
GOLDENLITWRKR1111 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-30)
very insightful for me... I have always felt surrounded by spirits. Yet my only encounters with them made me feel threatened or scared. This was when I was a teenager, he appeared as a tall dark figure in the middle of the night, and my dad didn't believe me so I asked my preacher for help. After church he come to pray over my house both inside and out, and the figure never returned.
However, I started looking at old pictures and my roommate pointed out that there were A LOT of orbs around me in pictures. One is very dominate and shows facial emotions. This, I believe, is my guardian angel, because he/she makes me VERY AWARE of their presence, as I see 11:11 or 1:11 ALL the time.
So I started to do some research and found that I have a white, gold, and blue aura. With more research I come to find those who poses a gold aura is not of this plane. That angels and even Christ had gold auras, hence the halo. Anyways my point is during further research I have found I am a "LIGHTWORKER".
I have been going through stories trying to help myself understand more, and not be so frightened. You have helped me to understand that the ringing/deafening tone in my ear is associated with the faint voice I hear calling my name. So I too would like to know. As I share my story with you at this moment I am having a experience, which is freaking me out. I feel like I am losing it and my dogs are going completely crazy too. Its almost as though its trying to stop me from sending this message. Even though we did a protection spell and told all evil or negative entities are not welcome, I believe there is a malignant spirit inside this dwelling. I have been full of rage since I moved in 10 mths ago. And I have also been woken up by someone screaming "BOO" in my face!
If anyone can help me learn to differentiate between what's good and what's not I would be SO GRATEFUL! Because the visions of these people are scary.
dizzi (2 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-28)
Hi I can 100% understand why you are freaked out I myself am having similar experiences though no static and differs in a few ways, but experiences that are freaking me out. If you read my story you will see yourself I recently shared my own for help.

I took some of the advice to close these things out as I am scarred to deal with them and I imgagine alight around me a bright light I tired white light it didn't work so someone told me to imagine and feel my own energy and my light will be my own colour for me it is vivid but calming pink and this light protects me from evil and I feel it works. So I guess if you try this if he is a evil spirit he will not come to you or will be forced away if he comes within the light then I think he will be good as long as you believe this light is your protection from evil It sound crazy I know but I was so frightened I would try anything and this is really working for me. Like you I am not young and naive and am a highly educated person. Another thing I have done is contacted my local spiritualist centre where they put me in touch with a medium to help me he is coming to visit me tomorrow and teach me how to close down and help me deal with this situation
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-27)

Yah--you're right about the static probably being hypnagogic. I always forget that (I don't usually have the vibrations/noise.)

IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-27)

I don't blame you for being a little rattled! That's a lot to take in.

I'm not sure guides always identify themselves. I was "shown" mine and didn't even realize it until 7 years later when I intentionally meditated to know my guides. Even then I didn't believe I hadn't seen it on TV or somewhere else.

But I understand your skepticism of him. Nature spirits--I thought they were more like elementals, faeries, etc. I think I might have experienced some of this but my impression is that they would be involved more with providing energy --from nature. I actually need to get more educated on this myself. I know the site has a whole section on them.

The fact that he seems to be there with an electrical object--makes me suspicious too. The crackling you hear is heard in your head, and it may be from YOUR OWN energy. So, I begin to wonder if this entity is pulling energy from you.

Do you feel drained after these encounters?

All you explained about when he appears is consistent with OBEs. But it doesn't mean you couldn't be contacting someone with less than sincere motives.

I know you have protected yourself. Do you believe in Jesus--or was it just something you thought might work? I think that matters.

You might want to pick up the book by William Buhlman about how to have spontaneous OBEs (although you already are) and protection methods before you begin.

Most important is how to you FEEL about this entity? Are you beginning to feel an energy you trust? Is there a personality that feels somehow familiar to you?

These are the only things I know of to validate--trusting your gut.

Wish I had more constructive ideas. Perhaps someone else will have more to offer.

Regardless, trust that no one can hurt you. YOU control who gets close to you and can set the boundaries. Someone on this site just said it--pretend like you are protecting your kids. You wouldn't hesitate to be firm on that.

Good luck in your learning.

Isle - Lora
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-06-27)
The state you're describing is the hypnogogic state which is when we are coming in or out of sleep.

You have to think of what you are outside of just a physical body. You are a spirit that is inhabiting physical mass for the duration of this lifetime. But your spirit vibrates at a much higher rate than your physical shell. When you go to sleep, the astral form (another, less dense, shell for your spirit) vibrates to detach from the shell and is then able to travel. This is generally remembered as a dream. However, some people are sometimes conscious during this in between stage and can hear noises, experience static, feel tremendous vibrations, sense entities and so on. You can also deepen the state for full separation if you quell your thinking and "go dead" which further mimics sleep. You can read more about this on my sister site You seem to be in this state.

Everyone thinks just because they have a lock on their door that nothing can come in their room. However, this has no application in the etheric or astral! When we meditate, sleep or are in the hypnogogic state, our brain waves are altered and the frequency range is increased (we can hear and see more than usual). This visitor of yours sounds like an enamored soul that is trapped in the lower plane. Something about you has attracted him. Genuine guides don't make comments about traveling husbands and making the most of your time together (this sounds border-line romantic).

You now know from your own repeated experience, that you've got a visitor and he will remain with you until such time he's asked to leave (if he complies) or loses interest. If you don't want him near you, ask him to leave. You can also flat out try to ignore him. Rather like a whining, child. If ignored long enough, they stop. Some people do ritual type work but unless you're heart and mind are really into it, it probably wouldn't work. You can also try praying for help since that seems to resonate with you.

Best to you.
aurawolf (3 stories) (14 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-27)
Woh! I get that all the time with the static. Though cover my ears and I yowl it out and it goes away. But you say you here a voice. I sorry I got nothing to help you with that but it is very interesting...

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