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Repetition Dream?


So, I'll start with the fact that being "in-tune" with the spiritual world runs in my family. When I was around 8 I had this dream numerous times. I was at my grandpa's house, about to walk into his basement. His stairs in the dream were completely realistic in detail, but when I made it to the basement it was a wine cellar. There were barrels stacked by the wall and it was dimly lit, comforting. I got the idea to keep walking, so I did. I made it to this room, it was completely cemented and in the middle of this room was this rectangular coffin. So, I was curious and I went to open it. This little girl sits up from the coffin (about the same age as me at the time). She had long blonde straight hair, a blue bow, and a blue dress. The dress had ruffling on it and buttons on the upper half. I can't describe what time period it looked like. After I saw her in my dream I screamed and sprinted out of the basement and that's where the dream ended. My grandpa's house is very haunted, I'd like to say. My mother, sister, uncle, and I have all had experiences in there. Varying from black shadows, footsteps, out-of-body experiences, and water apparitions. I always get an eerie feeling when I try to go into his basement and I do not like being at his house alone. So, years later when I stopped having that dream. My sister and I started to discuss things about his house (our stories and such). Not to mention, I have never told her about my dream. So, I started to tell her about it in detail. When I started to describe the little girl she stopped me and told me she saw the same girl at my grandpa's house, an apparition, of course. Without completely finishing the details of the little girl, she told me what she looked like to her. The details completely matched up. I was in complete shock and so was she. Without even talking about this we saw the exact same little girl, except mine was in a repeating dream. Was this little girl trying to reach out to me? Am I supposed to do something for her? My grandpa's house is VERY old, not to mention. I'm not quite certain on the history of it. I just thought this was very interesting. What do you think? Is there something you think I should do?

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