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My Dead Grandmother Keeps Talking To Me?


For the last two weeks my grandmother who died when my eldest sister was two keeps trying to talk to me. She at first told me she was sorry that she couldn't see us grow up into beautiful young ladies. Mind you I have only seen one picture of this woman my entire life and its black and white. The way I'm seeing her is down to a T what she looked like a few months before she died. She had blue eyes which I never knew that until I saw her. I saw her blue eyes she was crying because she couldn't see us grow up. She also said that I was protected, that the things to come were meant to come and that I would overcome them. No matter how stressed out I become. She said she would be watching over me. Ever since then I've been a bit different... I will be at work and see something in my head like a bag of berries exploding or one of the self check out machines turning off on its own. Some days I think I'm just imagining it, but then my grandmothers voice says, "I told you things were coming." I have not been able to do any of this since I was about 18. Even then it was not this great of a boost. I could understand something was bothering a person just by being in the same area or store as them. I would always know what it was that was bothering them too. After that happened I got a huge migraine. A week later it was gone. It was the strangest gift I had ever had. They started to disappear I want to say September of 08. When my father's daughter and I started to date before my daughter was born. I don't know why suddenly they started up again. Anybody have a clue? Leave me your thoughts.

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