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I don't know very much about psychic abilities, all I know is I have had the ability since I was 3 or 4. A psychic gene runs in my family, on my dad's side. At first, I thought I was imagining it all. When I was little my aunt had always told me I had a gift my sister did not have. I did not understand this, so for many years I ignored it. Well recently it has stirred back up. I do not always see visions of the future, sometimes I just get a feeling. I can sense when something bad will happen and who it will happen to. Often I find myself knowing things about people without having a reason, then later on it becomes clear. It had gotten so bad that it intertwined with my dreams. Though not everything I saw or sensed would happen. At nights I could hear little voices that no one else could, sometimes a familiar voice would call my name, but I could not recall who it was. As I tried to ignore the voices with my music at night I would often find myself slipping from reality. Sometimes I would here that familiar voice saying yes and then I would snap back to reality. Recently I found myself having and O.B.E. (out of body experience). I had gotten so freak out I didn't sleep for the fear of the visions and O.B.E. I had talked to my really close friend about it, and he told me to look it up. So now everything makes perfect sense, like in certain times of stress I move things without even trying. I have found myself putting thoughts into other people's minds once or twice. Even more interesting I have found myself knowing things about that person without them telling me. Now I'm looking at more approaches to understand it more, and someday I hope to fully understand and master the gift. I'm far from knowing and mastering though.

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Jennifer120 (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-31)
The voices are definately out side of my head, actually I do believe there is this little girl in my closet, one night I became so afraid I screamed at her t leave and have not seen her since. But I feel watched more than usual in my own house. Is Things that relate to when I was real younger seem to attract them. At night when I go into my bathroom I swear I can see them watching me in the mirror.

Is it possible that I move things with my or am I just imagining things. When I'm scared it seems that I movethongs accidently, or sometimes I wish to do something and it realty happens is thus just my imagination.

I hard many, many more questions if you wouldn't mind explaining them, as I and still very confused and need much help
fizzlepopbang (guest)
12 years ago (2012-07-26)
Hi Jennifer, my name is Michaela, I'm going to try to address every area in your article. But first, I wanted to just say that everyone is psychic, some people get it naturally, others develop it, some won't allow it, others avoid anything of it, and so on.

~SENSING THE FUTURE/PEOPLE: If you can see it, your third eye is active. If you sense it, you are experiencing clairsentience. I too have these gifts, and they are not always a bad thing. Don't worry about it, it just means that you are much more sensitive to your surroundings, and you can 'tune' into people. Sometimes, they don't happen. This is simply the result of free will. There is honestly no real set destiny. People choose their own destiny, and they can change that destiny if they want to. What you were perceiving as 'the future' was really a result of what was occurring to that person on a deeper level, their own act of choosing their future. You were experiencing it in the "NOW' and the now is all that matters, and the only thing we know to be true. The future is always uncertain, because the now can be anything you want it to be. As for sensing things about people. Totally a normal thing for psychic development, and very often happens naturally. Like I said, you are just 'in tune.' Embrace it, accept it, LOVE it.

~VOICES~ Are these voices sounding inside or outside your head? Or in both? Usually, what you are picking up on is a spirit's thoughts. At night our little 'antenna' goes out and picks up on frequencies. This is anything from visions, voices, smells, feelings, etc. You hear them as a result of focusing on them. Of remaining conscious (perhaps unwillingly) as you fall asleep, sometimes the result of fear, you are conscious when these things happen. Are you fearful of these...soundings? If there are entities invading you space that you are convinced are unfriendly, we could also address that matter, but its a different road.

~OBE~ Oh dear! Don't fear the OBE! Astral projections are AMAZING experiences, absolute proof of life after death. You feel so FREE. But I guess it would be understandable for someone without much experience to become fearful of such a phenomena. Here are some things that may lay your mind to rest, and I truly know this from experience. You cannot ever get hurt during an OBE>it may only be perceived so if you believe it so, things are manifested in the astral planes, your silver cord cannot get severed...NEVER, absolute myth, and you can NOT get possessed while travelling. What travels is not your soul, no that stays inside your body. What is projecting is a projected consciousness of yourself with a PERCEPTION, it is just one of your many points of consciousness. Astral projecting has some scary things to see in it, but none of them will hurt you unless you allow it. By allowing it you give it fear, this feeds negative energy (also negative spirits). Fear breeds more fear, and by being fearful you may attract negative energy to you, fear itself is a negative energy. Perhaps leaving a light on while you go to sleep would be a good idea. Astral projecting is an amazing experience, very difficult to do consciously, but can open everything up to you. If you want to hone in this ability, conquer your fears, as well as develop any other kind of psychic ability, I could suggest Robert Bruce's "ASTRAL DYNAMICS" Its quite good.

I hope that helped. I you have any more questions or just want to chat please don't hesitate to contact me via. Email. It should be on my profile page.


😆 ❤ 😁

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