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Aids: A Truly Amazing Gift


This is a true story of an amazing experience I had during a visit with a medium in 2002 that completely changed my life.

In 1994 my partner, Joseph, was diagnosed with AIDS. During the 1990s the only medications available were very toxic and ineffective. In 1996 he became parapalygic after the virus attacked his spinal cord. So for the next six years of his life were difficult to say the least. With paraplegics who have AIDS many issues arise, bed sores, vascular problems, diabetes etc. He took 37 pills a day just to survive.

Joseph was a successful hairdresser who often did many celebrities. He was very happy.

Before the paralysis Joseph was the most passionate and fun person to be around. After losing the loss of any use of anything past his seventh rib he became introverted and hopeless. Essentially he became a different person yet his soul was the same.

Unfortunately he lost his life from a stroke in 2002. The HIV had completely destroyed his body. He looked nothing like he did prior and was barely over 100lbs and he was 6ft tall. The doctor said he will be dying in about 10 minutes so if you have anything to say to say it now. I Whispered in his ear that I loved him and everything was going to be all right and that I will be right behind him. He squeezed my hand once for yes and two for no. Althoucombe was in a coma state I asked him to squeeze my hand once for yes and twice for no. He did exactly what I asked to show me he understood.

PAids: A Truly Amazing Gift

Obviously as his partner who loved him unconditionally I was devastated. I had taken care of him for so many years and felt my purpose in life was gone. My average day of going to doctors visits and bathing him were gone. Now it was only me and my thoughts. I did all the crying, angry screaming and depression that comes with the death of a loved one. We were bonded like no other people I had ever known. Every day was "will he die today" "I only have a short time with him so we must make each day count".

So several months had passed and I asked my best friend if he would ask his "crazy spiritual nut friend" if she would recommend a legitimate medium to visit. Although I was very skeptical of mediums I had this unusual feeling I needed to pursue this. Usually I would have probably given up. Not this time.

Several weeks went by and I finally got a name of a spiritual book store to visit and ask for a particular medium. I knew nothing about mediums and psychics. The girl at the counter said here is her card and give me your first name and phone number so I can have her call you for an appointment.

A week later I met with the medium. I wore a wedding ring, dressed very non discrpt and sat down in a small room with just she and I. She went through her entire spill of if she can't reach the person I was trying to reach she would return my 75$. I thought" wow that is nice. Maybe she is the real deal". She said I will ask you the date of the person was born and the date of the persons death.

However, before either of us said another word she looked at me straight in the eyes and said " I have a very persistent person saying "..."girl there is no need to go on I'm here" and she looked at me dead in the face and said these exact words..."was this your partner and did he die of AIDS?". I immediately burst into tears and said yes it was.

She said he has been the one pushing you to come here. He said all this crying is ridiculous. A word he often used to me when I wasn't acting appropriately. She said he is standing to your right telling me that he couldn't go on anymore and felt awful of what he was putting me thru. He apologized for all the financial bills that I had to hide from him so as to not upset him.

He was showing the medium his bed side tables with the hundreds of pills and how he was unable to sit up in his bed. I would have to sit him up and transfer him to the wheelchair. She continued to tell me things that no one knew about except for me and him.

He told the medium that we would see each other again but there were things I had to do before it was my time. One was I would be an important mentor to a child. I am currently helping raise my nephew. He said several things that would happen and each one has occurred except that I would have my own business and he likes the name of it.

In the last year I have finally been thinking about opening my own business. She said do you have any questions and I said what are your thoughts on death and what is he doing? She said he went through his life review very quickly so he must have been a really good person because usually they last longer. It made perfect sense to me since he was the sweetest person I knew. She says he is doing something to do with flying but she wasn't clear of what that meant.

He had received his pilot license before I met him and loved air travel. The medium said he will be with you closely for a little longer but had "things he had to do".

After my session I walked out on the highest high, smiling for days, and with a completely different view of what happens to us after we die. I was a completely different person within one hour. I no longer feared death. I started to be more compassionate and the hard exterior started to crumble.

This medium knew absolutely nothing about me. There were no articles in the newspaper and google wasn't even used back then. Our lives were never on record.

By the medium saying "was this your partner and did he die of AIDS" she would have insulted me if I was a heterosexual man. I tried to trick her by what I was wearing and acting. I am often told by people who first meet me they would have never known I was gay.

I could have been trying to reach my mother, brother, friend etc but she said it so matter of fact and with with conviction I was astonished.

During those first few years after his death he was often around. He would mischievously mess with the alarm system. Lights that would never had problems before would start malfunctioning. Especially if I was getting into another relationship that he didn't approve of. I would say to him " I know what you are trying to say and I get it" as I laughed. Too many incidents to talk about.

I don't feel him like I used to but it's ok because I know he is all right and that was the only thing I wanted to know. I often get these unexplained flashes of white lights in my view when I am calm and thinking about him.

Actually they have been occurring the entire time I have been writing this. It doesn't scare me anymore and makes me feel comforted to know he is around. My body gets chills and I just smile. I have no doubt he is looking over my shoulder reading everything I am typing.

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vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-05)
Great story, thank you for sharing and sort of "testifying" that psychic mediums aren't always scammers. I always see great healing take place when I give a message to someone about their loved one, and I can't at this time give as long or thorough of a message as you received. Yet just connecting on one little detail sends tears down peoples' cheeks and gives them a new view on life and a pep in their step! I understand peoples' skepticism, I truly do. But it makes me so sad to see people suffer when they refuse to open their minds. It's so much needless suffering. Nowadays at funerals, I say things like, "sorry for your loss," but since I know their loved one is alive and well, I am sort of lying when I say that. I don't feel loss so deeply anymore. And knowing about the Spirit world has taken away my fear of death. So I'm really happy for you. You deserve peace in your life--everyone and every creature does! ❤
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-04)
That was a very beautiful and lovely story
Depicting you and your partners journey and

It is rare people open up and show the pain,
And healing of psychic messages.

I appreciate and wish to "Thank you".

AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-12-04)
What a great message of hope to so many other people out there. You've been given such a gift to see that we indeed survive the 'death'. And to be without the fear of this is awesome not to mention having gracefully let your partner go! Thanks so much for sharing your story.

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