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Torn Between Reality And My Dreams


I am not sure how to start this. I always felt embarrassed after I discussed the experiences in my life. As if I am just imagining it all. I usually have vivid dreams, and my friends would be surprised on how much I can explain of my dreams. The first dream as a child (that I can remember) was of me seeing a ladder reaching to a different world. Sometimes I feel like my dreams let me know the people I am going to meet or situations that may occur. I say may, because I feel as if the dream is letting me know the choices that are needed to be made. As if it is up to me. However, I feel like I am going crazy from getting too involved in these dreams.

For instance, a year or two ago, I had a dream of me seeing what was happening in parts of my life. I am traveling down this road with green grass and enter a home. The home turned into a portal into another stage. A few large Grecian ruins with cobwebs are in front of me. Then I see on one side a road lined up in a cool neighborhood with a Ferris wheel on the end; but, not far after the street was nothing. Towards the middle of the area, I climb up a ladder and it was a school. Then I climb back down, entering a museum with strange sculptures that change shape. As I enter in deeper into the museum, sand starts coming towards me, from deeper in the museum. I panic and run out. Only to see a a male figure in front of the window of the museum give me a hint, but the figure disappears. Then I see one Grecian ruin with a city building behind it.

Not long after that dream, I make an attempt to move up North, thinking it was the best decision; only to realize that it would not work for me. So I come back home and take classes at the college. I took Art, because I did not know what other classes to take with the main ones I am supposed to take. We end up learning about Greek and Roman architecture. In mid Nov I take a trip to London and in love with the city. I visit museums and in love with the city. I feel like I have this nagging feeling I should be there. Prior to the trip, I had a really weird dream that I am traveling on a highway into a city. I hear a voice tell me I am on the right path. It didn't even feel like a dream. When I awoke from it, I had a dizzy feeling.

I am soo sorry this post is very long and hopefully not tedious to read. I feel torn between reality and my dreams. These vivid dreams I had have ruined my relationships because I would see what going on and it did happen. Or I think it has. I don't want to feel crazy anymore and want to just walk away from all this. From all that I have felt or visioned in the past. I know it sounds cruel, but I want to think it is schizophrenia, so I can get some kind of help. I tried to see a local medium, but I did not feel that comfortable with her. When I tried to visit her on her workshop of talking to your angels, she told me that there was a mix up and that it changed. Does anyone else feel like their dreams are making them frustrated and out of the loop? Now that I want to walk away from all this. I have dreams of being kidnapped and having my measurements taken. A man is yelling at people telling them to grab the child/girl.

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Berellic (54 posts)
10 years ago (2012-12-06)
Hey I believe you are very special because you are able to receive important information in your dream and on top of that you are lucid in them enough to remember every exact detail and make choices. Please remember you are not crazy ok because I have had dreams like that as well and they help me very much. But listen I am here to help if you desire, so if you feel comfortable to chat more you can email me. Check my profile.

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