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Who Is He?


I am posting this, because I have been forced to explore the nature of what I am experience while awake, and what I am experiencing spiritually. For me, the line between my conscious experiences and my unconscious experiences has been blurred. But, I know that I am never "imagining" things. I don't consider myself to be a fabricator. I have grown good at pointing out "the lie"--esp. The ones I tell myself. Now, what I am telling you probably began when my grandmother died. My father died a year later. I was 21 at the time. I saw two shadow people, short figures, and heard a whispering voice ask me if he could stay with me. I said NO. Which, I still mean.

I ended up meeting a man who seemed to have psychic abilities--well I know that he does--as if he hears thoughts. I felt quite close to this man, believing him to be my twin soul. Now, he was not in the position to communicate with me sexually. At the same time, he began dating a woman who looks quite like me. I am not the kind to be jealous outwardly. I fought my jealousy. But I began to see him around my home; I know that he was following me. Now, this man, begins to reverse his behaviour towards me. He is no longer "friendly" so to speak. I try to ask him why he was doing this, and he pretends not to know what I am saying. In one conversation, his eyes turned black. I was completely awake when I saw this. NO joke. Now, I have been forced to remain strong and fight through my fear. I am not a child. I grew very afraid of this man. It was as though he was deliberately trying to hurt me.

And then, the crazy started. I began to feel stinging sensations on my skin. I began to experience severe panic attacks--as if I have PTSD. I lost sleep for 2 weeks. I thought he was trying to kill me. I believe that this was an exaggeration on the conscious level, but spiritually, I feel as if he is very dangerous. I do not want to EVER meet/see this man, again. His EYES turned black. Is this possible? Well since then, I have been experiencing "spiritual attacks" and electric impulses, static in my ears. I do still get anxiety, where my heart begins to shudder at night. I feel tortured at times, but I am getting stronger. I know that I am safe. I just will not go near that man again.

So what is he? The devil? Well--I don't believe in the devil, per se, but I do believe in very black souls. I prayed every night, when I was young for happiness. This man was a trigger, I know that, forcing me to see that I had to find my happiness within--nurture it, myself. And if I know that someone is no good in my gut, then I will not talk myself into thinking that I am wrong. I have learned to trust my senses--they are powerful. I believe in kindness, always will. I pray for him. All we need is love, here. That's it. This was a guided experience. I, thankfully, have been kept away from this man, until I know that I never WANT to go near him, again.

If anyone else has had a strong psychic connection with your opposite, as in, you feel that you had to meet the worst person that you could ever meet so that you could grow as a psychic, I would love to hear about it.

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DeMoOfficial (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-08)
[at] ShadowGod dude if you really want to see how to torture people with nightmares, my relative knows an encantation to bring vivid nightmares about The Devil to someone. Dreams so intense that it can kill.
ShadowGod (7 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-08)
no one this is simply all the power I and I can use it from a distance. Please understand that I am more powerful than a normal kinetic.
IronMoon (2 stories) (29 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-08)
Always listen to your gut, I know this isn't the greatest advice but I think many people disregard what their mind knows. As for who he is, I cannot say for I don't know but I am more than certain that he was the reason for all your troubles. I have heard that it is possible to attack from great distances, and I am fairly certain he was the cause, and if he knows how to do that I would not put it past him to be able to change his eye color.

[at] star325 Meditation works well, I know how scary it can be to see, hear, and just know things like that. I am a sensitive as well, although do to the stress and chaotic nonsense of the past year or so, it has been quiet. Just try to keep calm and look within yourself youll find the path you need to travel to become more in control. Always remember to shield first though no matter what you are doing, it will keep you from harm in the case there was anything nearby wishing to hurt you.

[at] ShadowGod I have been watching your posts and must ask who are you trying to impress? Because for one on here how does one use the ability to torture for good? And you are yet in another story you say that you are the "Great Evil" and the "Strongest Dark one" Trust me I don't go out of my way to prove people wrong. I am one of the most believing people you will find because I understand that the impossible is out there but in every post all you are doing is boasting about what you can supposedly do. This is not a site to try and show off. This is for sharing stories and helping others. Have some courtesy for the others using this site.
ShadowGod (7 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-08)
i have the power to torture with nightnares but I use it for good. 😐
star325 (2 stories) (15 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-07)
that is unbelievable you have an amazing gift to stay strong if you don't mind me asking you for advice, I am a young sensitive and I don't want to get rid of my ability but I want to control it always being watched by the unseen can be scary but it is especially scary when you get tortured in night terrors and get out of the corner of your eyes sights of them and when you can hear them plain as day so without getting rid of my ability how do I maintain the strength to control my ability?
Vendetta3 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-04-01)
Hello GoldenYES83,

Wow this is quite something. We may have some information in our books about something like this. I'd like to converse with you more privately, if that's okay. Please email me at VendettaSiblings [at]


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