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I Wish To Find Out What Had Contacted Me


I am 14 years old, and when I was only 12 strange things had began to happen, whispering in my ear and ect. One day somebody yelled "MICAH!" When I was half awake and I was alone, terrified, I bolted up right and looked round, nobody. But then a whisper in my ear "Room." Only thinking of one other room, I went to my parents, and nothing was wrong. But I smelt a burning fabric and quickly realized my mothers curtains were smoking.

I wish to find out what had contacted me and they sill do, some even appear and I call them "Blobs" because they are just masses of red things that bump into me and like t knock over my cat (she HATES them) and I'm also pagan, also if you could help me contact my Guardian Demon I would love that because I recently had this longing feeling, like something was missing and I did some research and asked other pagan friends on one, George, says he felt the same and found out it was his Guardian Demon calling him. I want or need to contact mine. Help? Also strange dreams come true the next day and also RNDOM THOUGHTS would appear into my mind at the most randomness moment's, and they come true in a similar fashion. Here is one example:

Wolf attacking me at school- next morning at school a husky runs into school and comes at me (I was okay)

Please EMAIL ME at:

Or text me using a *67 (then dial your number if you wish for me not to know your number) and inform me please: (136 205 2927)

No joking around please or negative remarks.

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