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I Thinik Someone There


I really don't know if there's anyone who can relate to this.

Before I start, don't hate on my writing I'm only 15.

I'm starting to see things, as in people. I know this sounds strange but it's not the usual group of people you see down the street or even anywhere outside your house, but this is going on inside my house.

Every time I walk past my bedroom or past the living room, and I glance to the side while passing by I'm sure that I always see a certain figure in the room facing the door, watching me and the weird part that the figure resembles either a girl dresses In black wavering around the room or just a tall, large standing figure standing in the doorway

Its really scary because I've actually heard these things talk to me, drawing me closer to the room its like their trying to draw me towards the room and shut the door, its been happening for almost a year and I remember at one point when I actually went in and shut the door and they weren't even talking they just disappeared. Which is weird because the second they leave I can't hear them anymore after that encounter I swore to myself not to tell anyone about this not my parents, not my friends, or my siblings, anyone well, that was until I found this website.

It's seriously starting to annoy me, my mum thinks it's just me being paranoid but I don't even know anymore. If its paranoia or real?

If you don't mind, I'd like your opinion on what to do because I'm loosing hope. Also I'm not crazy, if that's what your thinking either. No joking around please or negative remarks.

Thanks! X

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theycallmeVi (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-04)
You are not alone! One of my best friends sees people as well. Though she doesn't like to talk about it much. I've been with her in a few situations where we were in the grocery store and she saw an elderly women walk through a group of people and asked if I saw it. I didn't but I could see she was confused and a little afraid. Another time we were at another friend's house, one of the girl's grandmother had just passed away we were all getting ready for bed when we heard my friend talking to someone then started crying. We all asked her what was the matter, she said she just saw the grandmother who passed away and she told her to pass along a message that saying she is fine and loves her family. I know there have been many other instances but I don't know all the full details. I think she is a little afraid and tries to ignore the people she sees. I know they have tried to talk to her before, and she tells them to go away, and I think they leave her alone for the most part. She just tries not to acknowledge them. Though i'm not sure that is the best way to handle it. I'm not an expert... I wish I could help you more. Just though this might help a little.

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