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Galmordagan (8 stories) (51 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-08)
You are the first person to ever admit to seeing what I am seeing. From what you've said I think we are indeed seeing the same thing. Your description of "little vibrations" and "dancing" is so accurate.

I once tried to apply blue sparks to a wooden cube to make it blue. I tried every sort of manipulation I could think of - and yes I spent hours on this task. Nothing happened at all of course to my dismay - it has frustrated me since I actively began trying to make use of this ability as a teenager. Besides affected people they don't seem to do much else other than just be what they are and "dance". I don't think I have any sort of telekinetic ability so controlling sparks must draw on something else - you should try controlling them to see if you can - I would very much like to know if you can.

When I stopped controlling the sparks on a daily or nightly basis months later when I take up my usual habits of making these "shields" again I notice I have, in a sense, lost my edge. Manipulating the sparks seems to get much easier the longer you do it, but this progress is very slow for me.

Im not convinced that these sparks are spirits, as in ghosts, but they do seem alive. Have you ever found they are most prominent in darkness where there are no other colours to distract you from seeing them clearly? The other interesting thing is that they don't show up on camera or in photos. And it seems neither wind or gravity affects them.

The only visual markers controlling them extensively has had on me is: a slight and temporary mulberry-purple tinge to my otherwise dark jarrah brown eyes confirmed by my housemates - very honest people (one is a spiritualist the other is skeptical courier driver); and a temporary purple-red tinge to my otherwise dark brown hair - something my entire highschool class at the time commented on as 'unusual' and 'strange'. Whether they are indeed factors related to this phenomenon or products of other factors (like diet) I don't know - it only seems to happen with over the top (i.e. Constant all the time until utterly exhausted) spark manipulations.

Ive often wondered if this is a genetic ability you are born with - no one in my family has this skill (my mother is the only one who has confessed to doing something supernatural).

Surely there must be others who have this skill and know more or could perhaps teach us?
bluehoodedmisery (4 stories) (42 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-08)
I can also see those sparks you see in the air. I haven't tried to control them. I just like looking at them. I always squint my eyes to get a better look at them but they are so high up in the sky, I get a headache from concentration. No one in my family or friendship circle can see them either except me. I have seen them since I was a kid and I'm fifteen now. When I look out at the room around me, they seem to look like little vibrations, but when I am outside, they are "dancing" and moving around in an interesting way.

I'm with you on wanting to know what they are though. I think they might be spirits or like you said energy.

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