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View Of The 1500's


good day to all.

30 years ago, I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, not far from where I lived. Normally, when a person steps on something hard on the ocean floor, it is quickly dismissed as a shell or rock and they get off of it as quickly as possible so they do not cut themselves. This was different, something in my head told me to hold it with my foot and reach down and get it. I did. What I saw next still has me questioning why did I see it.

When I came up from the bottom, I was holding a knife. I sat and stared at it and studied it. The knife was as straight as could be on the back blade all the way to the handle. There was no knuckle-guard. It was wrapped with thin strands of some type of leather around the handle. The bottom of the knife resembled an old flint lock pistol that is almost considered a teardrop shape and was silver in color.

What happened next was I looked out towards the open ocean and saw a 1500's ship. Its sails were down except for one at the front of the ship, but it was a small sail. There were black, steel or iron looking strapping that covered the hull along with what looked like chains and there were people coming in a type of rowboat. I felt (through the knife) that I was laying in wait to attack these people. My head was barely above water. I remember the feeling of love for my family and really missing them. I also remember looking over to my right at my brother, but he wasn't my family brother. He was a brother in my eyes as one of our people. Then I don't remember seeing anything after that.

The feeling of a deep love for my family and brother still remain. I feel that I was supposed to find this knife and go back for more information as there is a bigger story to tell. I have not been able to for the past 30 years. I believe that I will find the knife again once I return but money is always an issue.

The reason I am writing this story is because I could use some help with trying to identify this vision as the research I have done on this era has made me question my religious beliefs. There were Spaniards who fought with and killed many Indians in this region only because the Indians would not convert to Christianity. It is for this reason alone that I would like to return to the area. I am sure I will find coins and stuff, but the main reason I would return would be to get the knife. I feel it belongs to me now.

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Anaya (1 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-14)
sadly I can not offer much help on what kind of knife it is or anything about that sort of thing as I have not looked into it myself. But what I can offer is advise, don't go get it back, what you saw was a clip sort of thing of the past, it means that that knife is linked to something so something is bound to it, good or bad I do not know but take it from a person that has something bound to her and knows about this sort of thing don't get the knife back, it may bring more then its physical self along with it. One of the worst things in the world is to have something bad following you around and you can't touch it, can only see it when it wants you to and you have no idea how to make it go away.


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