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Have I Inherited Psychic Abilities?


I've been told since I was a little girl how my family are into the paranormal etc. My mother has tarot cards, lots of spiritual objects like pebbles etc and she also has a book of spells which she gave me a year ago. I have been told that my mother is kind of psychic which she got passed down from her father and now I wonder if whether or not it has been passed down to me.

When I was a toddler my parents got a divorce and every second weekend since I was little I would stay at my fathers house with my older sister. Since I was about 7 I noticed something odd within my fathers house hold. I would never go to my room, I would always sit in the living room with my father and my older sister. I couldn't go into the kitchen with out the lights being on and the door being open so that my father can see me from the living room.

I hated going to the toilet as it was the first door you came to straight from walking up the stairs. I had to put all the lights on and run up he stairs, straight into the bathroom and close the door. I felt like I couldn't flush the toilet because it would disturb something upstairs and that something would 'get me'. I would quickly flush the toilet, walk outside to the hall and freeze as I was terrified. I was sometimes slowly walk down the stairs sideways as I felt a presence behind me at the top of the stairs watching me and sometimes I would quickly run down them that my dad would describe it as me running down the stairs as if him and my sister was going to drive away and leave me. As a young child I was terrified!

I couldn't sleep in my room as that room if felt was the worst in the house for terrifying me. I had to sleep in my fathers bed with him after my sister stopped coming over to stay. My dad told me that if somehow evil was in the house he would know about it first and it would have gotten him first as well as he lived there alone.

When I was 12 my dad decided enough and told me I had to sleep in my room room. The first night was horrible. I couldn't move that full night because of how much I was terrified. I just laid there wishing that presence would go away and wishing it was morning already!

When I was 14/15 my father and his girlfriend (not together anymore) told me because I was older that they also had feelings of a presences also. My fathers experience was Christmas Day 2012, he left to go to the shop and walked back up the road and say a figure standing at the window, my father waved thinking it was his girlfriend, the figure never waved back. When he got home he asked her why she never waved back, she claims she was never in the kitchen at that time but always in the living room watching tv. Her experience was seeing a sort of hand figure creeping into the bathroom, her thinking it was my father she ignored it but it just disappeared.

Once they told me that, I told my fathers girlfriend of how I felt within the house and she told me the same thing, mostly about walking down the stair and feeling someone watching her! At that point I didn't feel so crazy.

To this day I see things in his house, I see shadow like things fleeing across the floor and I hear things coming from up stairs. A few months ago my father left me home alone and I was terrified, the most I've ever been in my life! I feel threatens and years on it only happens to me! Now when I walk into someone's house I can feel presences more than usual, specifically in my best friends house.

Once in my friends house we were sitting in the spare room with a few other friends and all of a sudden one of my shoes which was kept in my bag in my friends bedroom landed on the floor as if it was dropped from the ceiling, that scarred all of my friends as we all knew my shows where in the other room in my bag!

I feel like I can sense spirits and does the shoe thing mean something at all? Am I psychic? Has it been passes on? Thank you for reading, please help me!

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Kristen_Mindfreak (6 stories) (48 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-21)
Obviously you have inherited those abilities and it is time you use them for the betterment of other people. If you have any specific ability you are strong in, practice it and use it for good purposes. I hope you find light. 😐 😁 ❤
AmandaLinette (21 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-15)
It sounds like you have more than psychic abilities, and you may be a medium.

There's a whole list of signs you may be a medium here, and even tips on what to do to develop your gifts:

With love on your journey,
Anaya (1 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-08)
i guess the only thing that is on my mind is have you ever tryed talking to what ever is haunting the home? Do you feel it is bad or good, I have learned over the years of being who and what I am that there is a couple kinds of "dead things" or "ghosts"

-a looped spirit, this is a spirit that is fully non harmful, it is simply a person that has passed on and was not done something in there life, something simple like taking out the washing on the line. When you pass on the smallest things matter a lot, washing, placing shoes and cleaning the house, walking to get something from another place, or tucking a child into bed or reading him/her a story book. The little things mattered to the passed on person so they keep doing it, even if there hose is gone, the child is grown and moved, and well there steps to go up are gone and there is a wall there as the new family redid the home. It makes the "walking in walls" thing happen as to the passed on that step case is still there, that child is still in the bed when in the real world there is no bed or person there, and the hose is still there as it was when they died when in the real world it is nothing but a hill and grass land. But they are not harmful at all, just stuck in a never ending loop because they did not get done what they wanted to do.

-scary looper, same as over head, not harmful at all but can make a home owner scared all the same. So something like a girl who committed suicide by jumping out the 3ed story window, and keeps jumping every night with the scream and the bang, a child playing in a hallway with a sister/brother with nothing or worse some toy the laughing and the banging of the toy can scare others and give people the "creeps" someone stomping up a hallway or stair case the banging can be scary late at night. But as said before this is non harmful just scary to us most of the time we don't know there story's or understand what is going on.

-being haunted, to be truthful this is what yours sounds like, a being that is haunting a person, place or thing, it is a being that is linked to a object, person or a place so a home or land mark or sometimes even a tree or hill. This being can go two ways, one it can be peaceful and not care that you are there, live with you and along side you. Or it can go harmful and try to get rid of you, scare you, toss things but it can't hurt you but it can get darn close or figure out a loop hole to hurt you. Toss a book at a shelf to make the shelf fall on you or what is on the shelf fall on you, or it can even be a butt head and break things that mean a lot to you, toys, keepsakes or simply things that can't be replaced. (had a haunt rip a teddy of mine up once when I was a kid never got over that not fun) so it is a good thing to keep reading I will go over how to get rid of this later in my helping best I can.

-Demon, demons can go two ways same with a haunt, good or bad, well bad we have all seen the movies and know how that one goes, a "evil" demon does not want anything to do with you as a person, it cares not for your family, friends or anything you have as a thing of like, all it wants is a body, simple as that it wants to take a weak body to have one again, to live and torment others or to do what it was unable to do when it was alive, exp, a killer not finishing the job. But a good demon is just there, it watches from a far or up close giving tell tail reminders it is there, they like to play jokes, so taking your keys and hiding them, or say you had this really good looking brawny on a table, you sooo put it there a moment ago but hey it is gone, look all over the place it is on the table one or even two rooms away, funny eh lol but most of the time they are non harmful, but this can change so be careful, never trust one no matter what side it claims to be on.

That is the basics of what kinds can be affecting you, now to wonder on how to make them go away? Simple both haunts, bad loopers, even good ones and demons can be expelled with blessings and talking, good ones will leave you by choice and bad ones you may have to get help from another person to be on the safe side not to get hurt if you anger it with well kicking it out of your home that is something to get angry about so more the likely it will not be happy when it is leaving. So that is a good place to start if you want it gone, but good loopers you really don't have to worry about I have one living in my lovers home and I just live with it, see it all the time, can't talk to it, it can't see me and all it can see is the time and stuff it saw when it was alive. It is stuck in time doing the same thing over and over and over again to be truthful that would suck I kind of pity the old guy. I hope this helped you figuring things out if you have anything to ask post it and I will try my best to help more so.


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