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Revisiting My Teenage Years


Revisiting My Teenage Years

This entry is basically an account of odd events that happened when I was around 14-18 years old. I was pretty open-minded and I was at the right age to start exploring who I was and that included learning about different belief systems. I was raised Catholic and I have never really felt an affinity to the faith. I believe I was 12 or 13 when I discovered Wicca. To be frank, I was fascinated by it but I never really practiced it. There was really only one time when I casted a spell but I will get to that in a bit. My discovery of Wicca opened up my mind to the possibilities of the world like elementals and psychic phenomena. I never put much thought in them. I always thought it was "cool" but not real. You see elves, fairies, psychics, and mediums on TV. That sort of thing doesn't happen in real life. Or so I thought. Before I start listing out my experiences, I would like to say they aren't anything awe-inspiring. I am at best slightly sensitive. Nothing to sneeze at... Without further ado, here are my humble experiences:

- Let's get the 'big' one out of the way. Teenage years are usually filled with angst and tumultuous thoughts and feelings. I was not stranger to that but my sister was especially vulnerable. High school was very difficult for my elder sister, Anna (not her real name). She became depressed which escalated into suicidal attempts. She was in and out of the hospital. My family did not know how to help her except to show she was loved and get professional help (medication/counselor/psychiatrist). Anna was home from the hospital after another attempt. We shared a room together because it was normal and, I guess, I also had to keep an eye on her. Anyway, that night I felt the need to take a more proactive stance in regards to my sister's dilemma so I decided to do what I was always afraid to do, cast a spell. In retrospect, I should have given it more thought but I was desperate to help her (young and foolish too). My "spell" if that is what you would call it was haphazard at best. I found a spell online to dispel depression and unstable thoughts. I wrote it upon a piece of paper along with a couple of runes which signified strength and love. Then I went to my backyard and burned it with the intention it help Anna. I allowed my feelings of love, concern and hope fill my mind as I burnt the piece of paper. Now I have to point out that when I went in the backyard it was night and being out in there at night was unsettling. I was nervous but I was determined to do something for Anna. Once the paper was burned, I felt a shift in the air/atmosphere. It did not feel like the normal night air with the usual fear of the dark that was completely constructed by one's imagination. There was a notable change. It felt like a switch was flipped and suddenly someone or something noticed me or my action and was intrigued. That freaked me out so I returned to my room where my sister was watching TV. I don't really remember what I did with the ashes. Forgive me for that lapse in memory.

Now for the little stuff!

- I was part of the tennis team in high school. I played varsity since sophomore year in high school. When I was a Junior I was having trouble staying focused in school. I let my grades drop and I had to play Junior Varsity (JV) for a time while I raised my GPA. I remember feeling very humiliated. I hated being demoted. I was able to raise my GPA and was able to play Varsity towards the end of the season. There was going to be a tennis team party and he was to give out certificates and pins to the Varsity and JV. I met up with my coach during lunch at his request and he was unsure about categorizing me as varsity or JV. I felt my heart sink as he said those words. I absolutely did not want to be labeled JV. (How small my world was back then!) He offered to flip a coin to determine my place in the team (certificate-wise). If I called it correctly, I would be considered a Varsity member. As he flipped the coin, my mind went blank and I saw a coin spinning on a flat surface. It was just a glimpse but I saw 'heads' so I called it out. You wouldn't believe how happy and relieved I was when I got it right. That never happened to me again.

- I exited my room to go to the kitchen and passed through this vibrating spot in mid-air (around stomach-level for me. I am almost 5'2"...small, I know). I stopped and back tracked. Curious, I stuck my hand in the spot where I felt the vibration and I found it quite readily. Orb-like. Vibrating. Slightly warmer than the air around it. I stood there, dumbfounded for about 20 seconds and then it disappeared. This orb was invisible. I only discovered it as I walked through it.

- As stated earlier, I shared a room with Anna. I used to keep my saved allowance money in a clear plastic container in the back of our shared closet. She knew about it but I trusted her enough not to take any of it. Honestly, it did not even occur to me that she would take any money from my stash. One night I was on the floor in front of the closet with my 'piggy bank'. I was either taking money out or putting money in. I can't remember but it is not important to the story. Anna was sitting behind me, talking about whatever. I suddenly got an image of her taking money out of my piggy bank. I was puzzled by the image I saw but without much thought I turned around and asked her if she took anything out of my piggy bank. She was shocked and ashamed but she came clean about it. I wasn't mad. I was too elated about seeing what I saw. She asked me why I asked her about it and I told her about my 'vision' of her taking my cash. I don't know if that was a message from another source or I picked that up from her thoughts. There have been times when I have been able to sense or guess what someone was thinking. But I've been told I'm intuitive so I shall just chalk up those experiences to my being able to connect a few dots.

This next part actually ties into the first story about casting the spell for my sister (at least I think it does). It was perhaps half a year or a year after the spell was done that I had an odd experience. I did not know at the time that this odd experience was connected to the spell until a couple of years later.

- My family and I liked to eat out on Sundays after going to Mass. It served as a sort of bribe. My mother would treat the three of us (I have two sisters. I am the middle child.) to dinner for attending Mass. It was the strangest thing. That night as my mom opened the door my mood flipped from full and sleepy to extremely energetic and joyous. I entered my house and practically ran to my room. I opened the door, leaned in and said, "Hello!" (Crazy-sounding, I know. It was a spur of the moment sort of deal.) The next thing I know I see this little dot of red light 'sitting' on my make-up mirror. The red light floated up and disappeared. As it did so, in my head I heard a woman's pleasant laugh or giggle and she said, "Bye." The closest thing that resembled what I saw was those little bits of light that come off of sprinklers. You know those things you light up during the Fourth of July. However, the red light traveled straight up instead of down. To say the least, I was puzzled. I did not know what to make of it so I sort of shoved it to the back of my mind.

- A couple of years later, Anna was in college. She attended a nearby college so she was able to live at home. My sisters and I were hanging out talking about anything and everything. On a whim, I told them about my experience with the red light. Anna went quiet. My younger sister and I noticed so we asked her why she was silent all of a sudden. She proceeded to tell us about seeing a red speck of light moving around the blinds in our room. The rooms situated in the back of the house have sliding doors that lead to the backyard. At the time we had plastic blinds to block out light and to prevent nosy neighbors being able to peer inside the house. She admitted she saw it a few times and she never wanted to wake me because she thought she was seeing things. It may be a strange coincidence but after I did the spell, my sister did not try to commit suicide. She was still depressed but she was willing to work through it. (Disclaimer: She was in her fourth year of college when she was having a hard time with her boyfriend and school/life path, and she took a bunch of sleeping pills. Fortunately the paramedics were able to pump her stomach before any serious repercussions occurred. After that though... She has been good with keeping things in perspective. She is a lot stronger these days.)

Gosh! This turned out a lot longer than I intended. Sorry! Hope I did not bore you too much.

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