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Am I Psychic Or Just Have Teenage Problems?


I am currently 13 years old. I am very emotional. I have dreams at least 3 times a week that end up coming true the next day. Even if little details such as I had a dream that I was pregnant with a baby girl and the next morning my friend's mother had a baby girl. Then I had a dream I was in love with this guy and every time we were together it would always be thundering or really heavy lighting and it would get really hot weather wise. The next day the NBA teams Thunder vs. Heat was playing and those are his top favorite teams. He was saying all over Facebook how he wanted them both to win. I had no idea they were playing at all. It might have just been a lucky thing. I can usually feel like I can tell people's emotions and when I first meet people I can kind of tell their past like I can feel the emotion of what they gone through. Then I like this guy and we kind of have a special song. Then for 3 days straight I didn't think about him. Then one night I had a dream about him then the next day the song came on 6 times. And this is kind of weird, but even as I was writing this I had one of those "Woah, I feel like I've done this before" feelings. I get those feelings at least once a day. I am also a very spiritual person. Does this mean something or do I just have weird teenage problems haha. Please Help:3 Oh! And my mom said that she kind of has this power with my grandmother but I kind of believe this is a spiritual thing not genetics. But I don't know. I'm not scared I just want to know which direction I should turn for help.

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